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Extreme testing of the X8

Extreme testing of the Extreme X8

Extreme testing of the Extreme X8.

The ultimate challenge!

There’s nothing we like better than other people putting our Magic Mobility Extreme X8 to off road tests.

Extreme testing of the Extreme X8

Taking it off road and to the extreme.

Clinical Mobility Solutions in the UK did just that. They went off-road into Deptford Forest to challenge our Extreme beast in boggy, wet soil to see how it would handle the pressure.

Check out how it did!

Ben from Clinical Mobility Solutions in the UK could barely contain his excitement at being able to test the four-wheel power of the Extreme X8. He particularly wanted to challenge the range capabilities of the chair, recognising that the power the Extreme X8 uses puts significant drain on the battery. He flagged that he was anticipating the chair would not go quite as far as other less intensively robust chairs.

Ben wanted a complete and fair test of the range and took into consideration all of the possible variables you might face when you’re going off-road.

Extreme testing of the Extreme X8

Wet, boggy and muddy? No problem!

Ben reported that he drove around all day on a real mix of terrains to test the life of the battery and really push the limits of the chair.

He tried all different types of speeds and inclines and used all of the features and functions of the chair to really put it through its paces. “The battery light dropped three bars overall, which I think is absolutely brilliant!” said Ben.


“I was never concerned about the battery state at all for the whole day.”

Ben explained that the terrain he tested the chair on was “very damp, loose and uneven”, but it held up.

Extreme testing of the Extreme X8

Extreme measures to get extreme results.

“As you can see [from the test] it was very manoeuvrable, and it navigated over this type of surface with zero issues. It was beyond comfortable.”

Ben praised the “lovely soft tyres” which absorbed so much shock. “The suspension involved is absolutely phenomenal!”

Ben also found the grip and handling of steep terrain “really, really impressive”. He outlined that he never felt that at any time he was at risk of rolling or falling, and the gradients of the slopes he tackled were no problem at all.

All in all, Ben reported that the Extreme X8 “is a fantastic piece of kit, and I had a lot of fun testing it!”

“Anyone who wants to get out into the outdoors and have this level of independence, it’s 100% the choice for you!”

Watch Ben putting the X8 through its paces and hear from him directly.

Get the freedom you’ve been craving. Trial the Extreme X8 today! Drop us a note to book your trial, and we can connect you with our local agent in your state.

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