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Fitting wheelchairs the right way

range of Magic Mobility Powerchairs

Getting every client the best fit is easy at Magic Mobility, with our full range of demonstration powerchairs and wheelchair experts on hand.

As a Greek historian pointed out more than 2500 years ago, nothing is permanent except change. While every wheelchair user is a unique individual with their own specific mix of abilities, challenges, and life aspirations, we all share the same basic need to manage and cope with change as we make our way through life.

For users recovering from disabling injuries, change can be a very positive process as new skills are acquired, or abilities restored. For those living with degenerative or permanent conditions, change can often be perceived more negatively, as capabilities may decline and fragility grows.

Working with a Magic Mobility Agent or power wheelchair expert can ensure that your clients are equipped with the right assistive technology to deal with the challenges they face each and every day, managing the needs of today but also managing their potentially evolving needs for the future.

The base of every Magic Mobility powerchair comes with the all-terrain power, robustness, ride comfort and reliability your clients need to adapt to practically any new challenge. However, other components of our chairs are often specifically tailored or configured to meet your client’s unique specifications and requirements.


Tailored seating options.

Our team of wheelchair experts are on hand to ensure every client has a perfectly tailored powerchair fitted specifically to their needs.

1. Regularly review to assess any AT ‘gaps’

Whether your clients rely on public funding or private resources, it’s a good idea to ensure your clients are engaging your professional services for assessment at least once a year. Helping assess the suitability of your client’s powerchair seating, legrests and other accessories considering their current needs can help to identify AT gaps earlier, before other issues may arise.

For example, a user who is going back to work may need phone or tablet mounts added, or improved connectivity to engage successfully online. Someone with decreasing core strength may require better support straps, different seating or cushioning or perhaps even an upgrade to fully adjustable backrests and tilt, to minimise pressure damage or pain.

Whatever the gap, Magic Mobility can offer the upgrade and assessment facilities your client requires to suit their needs.

These periodical reviews should consider key factors such as seating, legrests, armrests, and supportive harnessing such as pelvic positioning belts, chest harnesses or leg straps. They may also need other accessories added or modified such as tray tables, multi-functional controllers, or various accessory mounts to assist their daily life.


2. Keep up with the latest innovations

Ceiling Track Hoist

Magic Mobility Head Office has state-of-the-art fitting rooms, including a ceiling track hoist.

We’re constantly developing modular components that deliver functionality which would previously have required a custom build.

Recent examples of such innovations include:

  • Vehicle docking pins that allow users to get in and out of their cars
  • Puncture-resistant tyre liners that minimise the risk of getting stuck in an off-road situation
  • Swing Away Legrests that allow users to get in and out of their chair more easily and, in some cases, without assistance
  • An Anterior Tilt seat function that helps to facilitate standing transfers

While each comes at a price, that cost is often negligible compared to the benefit of increasing the user’s independence in daily life. Funding can be achieved by demonstrating the benefits that these modifications can make to the client’s life and an improvement in mental health, independence and quality of life can be better achieved. For example, prescribing a chair with lift functionality is far more cost effective than modifying a kitchen to make it more accessible.

Wheelchair experts fitting wheelchairs.

Our wheelchair experts offer in-house fittings and peer support.

These reasonable and necessary modifications can also quite often lead to financial savings, because of a reduction in the requirement for care.

The Magic Mobility network of agents can assist in identifying areas of improvement and benefits offered to assist in getting funding across the line.

Our network of agents and distributors across Australia is vast, and we also offer Victorian therapists and physios the chance to utilise our Magic Mobility Head Office in Scoresby.

Our facilities feature state-of-the-art client fitting rooms available for use free of charge. Why not book your next few client fittings in at our facility? Our fitting room has powered ceiling track hoists and an assessment plinth, as well as peer support from our friendly team of in-house wheelchair experts to assist you with your evaluations and fittings.

If you’re in the Melbourne area, please click below and scroll to fill out the form to express your interest in utilising our facilities.

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