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Top three tips to getting a funded powerchair

There are plenty of stories of people who miss out on securing a funded powerchair. So, what’s the secret to obtaining this important assistive technology? How come some people manage to attain them, and others don’t?

We talk to Magic Mobility users who share their three top tips.

It can be tough to convince a health professional that a Magic Mobility with all-terrain capability is an essential assistive technology. It’s a big capital investment, according to the NDIS, and there’s a lot of hurdles and obstacles to achieve a powered wheelchair.

At Magic Mobility we believe everyone is entitled to be able to declare what kind of technology they need in order to live their best life. We chatted to a handful of Magic Mobility users and their carers to see how they set out to make their plans a reality.


Beau Frontier V6 C73 opwerchair Magic Mobility

Beau has a strong support team around him, including his OT.

Tip 1: Make sure your OT is a true part of your team

Sam, mother to Beau who uses both a Magic Mobility Frontier V6 Compact 73 and Frontier V6 All Terrain For Sam, the secret was in knowing the questions to ask and making sure we surrounded ourselves with the right team. “I didn’t know that I could ask the school to organise a wheelchair bus to help Beau get to school!” she said.

“For our family, everything changed when we finally got an Occupational Therapist who could articulate Beau’s needs into a report,” said Sam. “Since the end of 2020, we’ve secured everything we as a family need. This included a special seat for Beau to assist him in getting in and out of the car. My back was giving way and our OT identified this as an issue and wrote my need into the plan.”

Sam is adamant that to get the support you need, you must surround yourself with a team. Sam states that if you require any equipment you need an OT who can help you articulate what is reasonable and necessary for you.


Tip 2: Work out YOUR ‘reasonable and necessary’

Brodie on the beah in his Magic MobilityExtreme X8

Tackling the beach is a reasonable and necessary part of Brodie’s life.

Deanne, mum to Brodie who uses a Magic Mobility Extreme X8.

A powered wheelchair with off-road capabilities can often make a health professional nervous! But for kids like Brodie who want nothing more than to explore the beach and get out on their rural property with the family, a robust chair like the Extreme X8 completely fits the description of reasonable and necessary.

Again, Deanne worked closely with her OT to demonstrate the necessity of the Magic Mobility Extreme X8 to Brodie’s lifestyle.

“A wheelchair is an extension of Brodie and not a burden.”

“There is no such thing as wheelchair-bound,” said Deanne.

“On our property, he is able to go up and down hills and transport himself where we are working on the property.  It’s no longer frustrating for either Brodie or ourselves.  He can be with us everywhere we go!”


Tip 3: Know what you need and go for it!

Leonie in her Extreme X8 walking her horse

Leonie in her Extreme X8 walking her horse.

Leonie, user of a Magic Mobility Extreme X8.

Leonie is definitely not the type to back down from a challenge! Based in rural South Australia, Leonie knew that the only wheelchair right for her way of life was the Extreme X8.

“To be able to live the same lifestyle that I did before becoming a wheelchair user. Like pairs of shoes, not all wheelchairs can go all places, except the Magic Mobility Extreme X8,” said Leonie. “It was chosen to take me where my manual wheelchair cannot go.”

But it wasn’t all plain sailing to secure an Extreme X8. Leonie knew clearly what she wanted and stated it plainly to her support team. By pointing out how essential the outdoors is to Leonie’s life, her support team helped submit a clear and detailed report to assist in the evaluation for her powerchair that she has delightfully named ‘Franklin’.

The Extreme X8 met all of Leonie’s individual goals and aspirations. “I can now do more with my horse, to get out and enjoy things like hiking and exploring as I used to,” she said. “It also allows me to do more photography which is another passion of mine. My goals are to live and enjoy the outdoors.”

“No matter what I throw at it, no challenge is too much. ‘Franklin’ loves the adventure too!”

Check out this news item featuring Leonie and her life-changing Extreme X8!

Are you thinking of applying for a Magic Mobility powerchair as an assistive technology under your NDIS plan? Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs further.















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