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Gaining confidence with Magic Mobility

Bob has been a power wheelchair user for 30 years, and says upgrading to a Magic Mobility powerchair in late 2016 was life changing.

In his Magic Mobility Frontier V6 All Terrain, Bob can now go almost anywhere without having to worry about challenging, changing terrain.

“The first significant difference I noticed in my Frontier V6 AT was the power, which gave me a lot of confidence,” Bob said.

“There’s a large lagoon near where we live and I’ve always wanted to drive a chair down to it,” Bob said. “Previous chairs always stopped me from going there because they couldn’t manage the gravel.”

Bob and his wife go for long walks in their Magic Mobility powerchairs

Bob and his wife go for long walks in their Magic Mobility powerchairs

Bob’s favourite features of his powerchair are its off-road capabilities that enable him to go to the beach, and safely up and down curbs.

“The 14” knobby tyres allow me to drive almost everywhere, and they also give me a very smooth ride.”

Bob’s wife also has a Magic Mobility Compact 73, and now they’re able to go out on walks to places where they couldn’t go before. Together, they’re able to get outdoors and go for long walks without having to worry about the terrain or their battery range.

Bob also uses the lift feature to reach things on the top shelf of the supermarket, and to adapt to the table height when eating at restaurants.

“My wife and I both love music, and we spend a lot of time dancing in our chairs.”

Check out Bob’s awesome video and see him in action:

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