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Gavin’s V6 All Terrain has got grit

Gavin’s V6 has got grit

Gavin appreciates that looks can be deceiving, and that’s why he treasures his Magic Mobility V6 AT. With a lift that lets him look people in the eye, and knobby tyres for get-up-and-go, the V6 AT gives Gavin control over his own life. Gavin has been in Magic Mobility chairs for decades and swears by their functionality, their grunt and robustness – but he still has to push for the funding to secure the chair he knows he needs.

Gavin got into his latest Magic Mobility powerchair in August 2020. This is his third powerchair and the one that has the functions that deliver.

“I like that the technology in a Magic Mobility powerchair is always improving,” said Gavin

Giving Gavin the height he needs

“I love the 50-degree actuator tilt. I love the trip meter on my new controller and I love looking people in the eye now I can use the lift to bring myself up to their level.”

All of these functions are necessary to help Gavin live a full functioning life. Health professionals questioned the need for Gavin to have access to the V6 AT, given its robust attributes and outdoor capabilities. But Gavin persisted.

“There were plenty of issues with health professionals due to the specifications I need for my powerchair,” said Gavin. “The assessment encouraged me to get a very basic powerchair, and not the V6 AT. But their recommendation wouldn’t have had the functions I need to get by on a day-to-day basis.”

Gavin’s answer was to work closely with his support coordinator and his therapist to make sure they secured the chair with the best functionality to deal with his requirements.

Gavin knows what powerchair he wants

“Without the V6 AT powerchair, I wouldn’t be able to go out in the community,” explained Gavin. “I wouldn’t be where I am today.  Today I can travel around by myself. My V6 AT gives me the independence I need.”

“If I had stayed in my old manual wheelchair, I wouldn’t be able to do anything like I can now. I would need 24-hour care and I wouldn’t have the same independence at home or in the community.”

Gavin knows that a great powered wheelchair from Magic Mobility enables him to do so much more than simply being able to go outside – it makes him an independent person, with a future and a direction.

“Each wheelchair that I’ve been fortunate to have from Magic Mobility has been a blessing,” he said. “Magic Mobility have always looked to make it easier for clients and keep up to date with

The V6 all terrain knobby tyres meant everything

functionality and in looks – their chairs look sporty and spacy.”

“I’m excited to now also have lights and see where I’m going at night! And my chair has a grunt like a V8 motor!”

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