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Get into a Magic Mobility Powerchair

Person trialling a new powerchair

An in-person trial and demonstration can go a long way to helping you consider what you might need on your next powerchair.

What do you need to know when you trial a powered wheelchair? Here’s our top tips.

Getting into a powered wheelchair and choosing the right one for your needs is one the biggest decisions you’ll ever make, There’s no looking back!

So, when you’re getting ready to trial a powered wheelchair you want to ensure you are as prepared as you can be. We step you through some things to consider and what’s involved in the decision-making process.

Get the most out of your trial – this is your choice, your freedom and your independence.

TIP 1: What life do you want to lead?

The first step to getting yourself into a Magic Mobility powerchair is working out what kind of life you want to lead.

What kind of exploration are you ready for? What kind of adventures mean the most to you, and what kind of terrains would you like to tackle? For instance, you might be keen on getting out of the house regularly, getting down to the shops or simply getting public transport to work. Or you might be looking for a chair that can take you that extra distance and tackle all of the obstacles you can throw at it!

TIP 2: Keep a diary.

Write down the things you do during the day and those moments when your current chair just isn’t up the challenge.

Ensure you make note of the big and the little things; Does your chair have a tight enough turning circle inside your home? Maybe you find the incline to get into your garden too steep? Perhaps gaining traction in certain terrains is an issue?

TIP 3: Let your therapist know!

Your therapists are really important people in helping to determine what kinds of chair you need to fulfil your daily goals. Make sure you let your therapist know what is important to you – explain your current chair limitations and what advantages you think you’ll get from a new chair.

TIP 4: Do your research.

Take a look at our website and ask yourself what kind of world you want to navigate. Chances are we have the chair to suit.

TIP 5: Bring a friend.

It’s important to bring along a person who knows you well and who can talk with you about what you want from your chair. This person is a great sounding board when choices get complicated! This can be a friend, a carer or a family member. They might have some good ideas particularly if they help you out in your day-to-day activities.

TIP 6: Consider where you’re going to trial the chair.

While it’s great to try out a chair in a showroom, nothing quite beats trialling a chair at home or in other environments you will be navigating. A demonstration might only take a short time in the showroom, but you can request extended trials in some circumstances. These extended trials can be helpful in assisting to make the big decision on which chair is right for you. Plus, you get a chance to understand the power, the turning circle and other features of the wheelchair in your own environment, which may help you to discover new considerations you may never have thought of with a showroom demonstration.

TIP 7: Getting the right upgrade.

There are so many additional items you can add to your powerchair to make it ideal for you. From seating choices, armrests and leg lifts, the upgrade options allow you to tailor the chair to your needs. When you test a chair, you’ll get a chance to discuss all the items which are essential – including USB charging points, cup holders and luggage racks.

TIP 8: Preparing your quote.

Following the trial or demonstration Magic Mobility provides you or your therapist with the quote for the chair that’s right for you. If you have any other questions that you didn’t think of during the trial, we’re happy to answer them for you.

Book your free trial or demonstration today!

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