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Getting back into your hobbies in the Extreme X8

Extreme X8 user Thomas is a retired USA Marine who was in a motorcycle-car accident in 2006, resulting in a spinal cord injury that left him unable to walk.

With his Extreme X8, and the support of his wife, Thomas can go hunting, fishing, trap shooting and participate in many of the other hobbies he enjoyed before his accident.

Thomas’ powerchair is very well travelled, having been on trips to Mexico and Canada, and adventures outdoors in all kinds of weather.

“I tooled all around the little town of Los Barriles and met many locals, and made great friends,” Thomas said.

“I took it all over the beach and went fishing anywhere I wanted to. It’s so much fun to be independent and free of obstacles.”

Thomas’ favourite features are the 14” off-road, low-pressure tyres, and its four independent, high torque motors. Together, these give him the confidence to drive up and down curbs that he couldn’t access before.

He lives just out of town, so the four-wheel drive capacity is really important. The articulating frame ensures all four tyres are kept on the ground over rough terrain, which improves the powerchair’s performance off-road.

He also likes the additional traction provided by his off-road tyres, so he can go out in snow, tall grass and sand without the risk of getting stuck. Lower tyre pressures can provide more traction in less stable terrain like mud, sand and snow.

In order for your tyres to continually and reliably get you where you want to go, Magic Mobility recommends you check your tyre pressure weekly. Keep in mind that the recommended pressure changes depending on the user’s weight, so it’s best to consult your manual to confirm your ideal tyre pressure.

Thomas also relies on the tilt and elevate function, which enables him to be up higher and see more at sporting events, and see other people face to face.

Like many others with spinal cord injuries, Thomas previously had a very active lifestyle. He has been putting his powerchair to the test, getting back outdoors and into his hobbies.

“In my Extreme X8, I can do many of the fun things I used to do prior to my injury.”

Are you interested in getting outdoors in an Extreme X8? Contact us today to arrange a trial near you.

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