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Getting back to ‘normal’ in the Frontier V6 AT

When Frontier V6 All Terrain (AT) user Shelley received her Magic Mobility powerchair, she reclaimed her independence, and rediscovered her love for the outdoors.

Shelley’s powerchair was funded by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), but she struggled to get them to approve the Frontier V6, and had to try other less-suitable wheelchairs first.

Born and raised in Southern California, Shelley joined the US Coast Guard after high school. In 1998, she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and since then her bones have been severely compromised.

“I tried other wheelchairs that the VA ordered, and they left me feeling trapped,” Shelley said. “I live out in the country and there is not a lot of flat terrain around.”

It took Shelley and her husband some time working with the VA to prove that the Frontier V6 AT’s off-road capabilities weren’t just for recreational use.

The all-terrain capabilities enable Shelley to go out in her yard without any trouble. “In my old chair, I would get stuck and constantly feared tipping over. My Frontier V6 AT has solved both of those issues, and I don’t have to stress about the ‘what if’s’ anymore.”

Shelley and her husband love to spend time outdoors, but thought they would be limited due to her advancing MS. That changed when Shelley received her Frontier V6 AT, which they have named ‘Magnum’.

“We always want to be outdoors and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation. We thought our days of enjoying the outdoors were over, but receiving Magnum has reenergized my love for the outdoors,’” said Shelley.

In her Frontier V6 AT, she’s able to go out on the trails, hunt again. She feels like she isn’t a burden to her husband anymore. Now, she can just enjoy spending time with him.

Shelley finds her powerchair very freeing, and says it has given her back her independence. Her favourite thing about her Frontier V6 AT is its versatility. She says it has the power and ability to take her where she needs to go, and she also finds it comfortable.

Shelley uses the power lift function to raise up to eye level at a counter or in conversation. She also uses it to stand for the National Anthem.

In the summer of 2017, Shelley and her husband went to Arches National Park, Utah, where she felt normal and free again, thanks to her powerchair. She loves the benefits her powerchair has for her husband too.

“I’m able to go down different trails and enjoy the scenery, and my husband doesn’t have to worry about me falling or tipping over. I’m able to just enjoy experiences with him.”

Shelley says she receives many comments on how awesome her chair is, and how they would like to try it.

“I tell people ‘you can have my powerchair, but you’ll have to take my legs too’. It’s funny, no one wants my legs, but they want my chair.”

Are you interested in trialling a Frontier V6 All Terrain powerchair? Contact our USA distributor, Innovation in Motion today to trial a Magic Mobility chair your area.

Visit our funding page to find out more about having a Magic Mobility powerchair funded in the United States.

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