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Getting the perfect “Goldilocks” fit with your wheelchair

It’s not too little, it’s not too much. It’s just right!

We set you up for comfort from the very beginning so that you can just get on with your active life.

Being comfortable in your wheelchair is not a privilege. What does it mean to find your perfect comfort zone for your seat? Let’s see what’s involved!

Being comfortable makes all the difference for a wheelchair user and takes us from distracted to focused. At Magic Mobility we make sure that all aspects of a wheelchair are fitted perfectly before a user gets to take their wheelchair away with them.

Today we look at seating.

Throughout the consultation process for your Magic Mobility wheelchair, your seating will be customised for your specific measurements and comfort. As with the entire wheelchair provision process, taking measurements is a team effort. Listening to you, your therapist and other members of your team is what it’s all about.

magic mobility

The MPS seating choice is designed for comfort.

Seating width is important and with Magic Mobility’s built-in adjustable seat pan we can fit seat width and depth of between 12 – 24 inches. If a wheelchair seat is too narrow, it can negatively impact your comfort and make transferring more difficult if you’re having to negotiate yourself out of a narrow seat.

But if your seat is too wide, you can slip around and you won’t be able to get comfortable. A too-wide seat can lead to bad posture which can bring other pain and physiological issues. Seat depth can’t be forgotten. Too short and your knees can hang uncomfortably off the edge. Too long, and your back is unsupported.

Magic Mobility listens closely to what people have told them about what makes them comfortable, and have shaped these into two different types of seating choices – the MPS and the Rehab seating choice.

The MPS is perfect for the wheelchair user who doesn’t need so much postural support and is looking for comfort. It’s produced in a breathable material or in vinyl to wipe clean.

The Rehab system is perfect for those who need a little more customisation. It’s our most popular.

The Rehab seating system is fully modifiable.

One of the most attractive things about the Rehab system is that it is modular, and almost every element is adjustable.

The Rehab back rest comes in three different sizes, and it’s got lateral trunk support options too that can be shaped anyway that’s required.

The modifiable lumbar support on the Rehab seating backrest is what takes the Magic Mobility seating options from good to great. Fully customisable, the lumbar support slots neatly into the backrest. After we spend time working out precisely what makes you comfortable, we give you the control.

And because we know that seating is so personal, Magic Mobility powerchairs can easily accommodate other seating systems. This includes but is not limited to systems by Jay, Spex and Roho or paediatric options from Leckey and R82.

Let us work with you to find the perfect seating solution. Get in touch, and we can help!

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