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Go anywhere confidence

Go anywhere with confidence on your Magic Mobility powerchair

Go anywhere with confidence in your Magic Mobility powerchair.

Magic Mobility confidence rests on five basic attributes that all our powerchairs share. If you’ve ever worried about getting out and going after the life you want, maybe you’re missing out on one or more of these.


Shedding the fear that you might tip over may be the number one source of Magic Mobility users ‘go anywhere’ confidence.

Whether on 4 wheels or 6, Magic Mobility powerchairs combine a low centre of gravity with longer wheelbases, superior suspension and larger wheels to deliver superior stability, giving a true sense of security even when driving on rough terrain.


Getting out onto all types of different terrains or taking long trips that mean spending all day in your chair is only possible if you’re able to be comfortable.

Magic Mobility powerchairs’ superior suspension, comfortable seating and backrests and chair tilt, paired with low-pressure off-road tyres and other optional features such as powered head and leg rests, all add up to the assurance of superior comfort.


All Magic Mobility powerchairs are fitted with powerful motors (800 watt, or 700 watt in the Extreme X8) that are less likely to get stuck, wherever you end up.

Another benefit is that they make our chairs go as fast as you are legally allowed (10 kmph or 6 mph), which many cite as important for getting about independently or embarking upon long trips in their chair.

Nate on the beach on his Magic Mobility chair

Power, range and reliability give Magic Mobility users confidence to go anywhere.


Magic Mobility chairs come with large batteries that deliver longer range, (as well as providing extra chair stability). A lot of users talk about shedding their ‘range anxiety’ as another major factor underpinning their go-anywhere confidence.

Click here to download our care instructions for battery charging and optimising battery life.

Durable reliability

The fifth dimension of Magic Mobility confidence rests on the way the chairs are engineered to handle whatever you throw at them.

A lot of users talk about the confidence they get from knowing that their chair won’t break down in the middle of their adventure, whatever challenge they might subject it to.

The best aspect of equipping our users with go-anywhere confidence is knowing how good it makes them feel.

Hannah Ensor enjoys her independence on her Magic Mobility Extreme X8

In her Extreme X8, Hannah now has the confidence to “just go”.

Go-anywhere confidence enables independence and feels great. Hannah Ensor expressed it brilliantly when she told us about going out for the first time in her Extreme X8:

“It is years since I have been able to ‘walk’ without scanning the ground for obstacles – constantly planning the best route for my chair, but halfway through I realised: I didn’t need to anymore. I could just go. Paying no more attention than your average walker – slopes and steps warranted some attention, but standard undulations became completely irrelevant.

Unless you have experienced it this is hard to explain… perhaps it is like spending years walking on tightropes where every move has to be planned and precise – then suddenly switching to solid floors, which you had forgotten even existed.”

And it’s not just our Extreme X8 users who feel that way. Julie Insley from New Zealand told us how it felt to get out in her Frontier V6 AT:

“I live on a 26-acre lifestyle block. I have 28 llamas, 50-odd chickens, and I needed a rugged chair that will get me around my land to check on my animals and pest traps. I wanted something that could handle hills, rough tracks, rocks, and a robust country life.”

“I feel safe, I know I can go uphill and down dale and reach all corners of my farm without risk of tipping the chair over and killing myself. It has absolutely empowered me to be more independent as I know I am safe, and my chair will get me there and back. It has been life-changing, it has given me a second life, instead of being fearful and staying at home, you simply can’t stop me! Now I am moving all day long.”

. Julie Insley on her lifestyle clock in New Zealand

Now that Julie feels safe out on her farm in her Frontier V6 AT she says “you simply can’t stop me”.

Gaining confidence and growing independence is hugely important to our users’ well-being. As Julie tells us, “The Magic chair has improved my health quite noticeably, as I would prefer to be in the chair than on my bed; it is physically much better for me, let alone mentally and spiritually.

Having the ability to be outdoors, with my animals has made me stronger physically and emotionally made my life worth living again.”

Richard Lamb roams the world in his Magic Mobility Frontier V6

Richard Lamb says roaming the world in his Frontier V6 AT ”makes me smile. BIG!”.

Richard Lamb from Seattle also told us about his life-transforming all-terrain powerchair experience.

“Prior to having my Magic Mobility wheelchair, I was housebound. I rarely left the house and most certainly wasn’t doing any of the things that make me smile. With the chair, I am able to be independent and free to roam the world! I can use our local Metro with ease in my chair to get into the city.

The bumps and variances of the streets of Seattle are absorbed by the full suspension of the chair. In the nature world, where I am happiest, it climbs and descends trails with no trouble at all. And I weigh 250lbs. Roots and rocks under 4 inches are no obstacle.

My Magic Mobility Frontier V6 AT takes me places I once had forsaken.

It makes me smile – BIG!!  Because I can completely rely on my chair to get there, I feel free to be there and be comfortable and confident”.

Have you experienced the go-anywhere confidence of a Magic Mobility powerchair yet? Click here to find your local agent and trial our range of powerchairs to find the one that’s just right for your life.

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