Helping you get down to work in your powerchair


Helping you get down to work in your Magic Mobility powerchair

We had a chat to Magic Mobility users Mark, Peta and Carl about how their powerchairs give them the independence to get down to work. Watch the video to hear them talk about their favourite features that give them independence in the workplace, at home and out and about with friends.

Mark is a consultant and says “I certainly think I couldn’t work at all without this chair”. His Magic Mobility Frontier V6 All Terrain enables him to live independently with his fiancé, get around town and work four days a week.

Mark travels to work using public transport, and says one of his favourite things about his powerchair is how it’s been configured so that he can drive up to board trams and trains. Its powerful motors, robust frame and off-road tyres make mounting curbs to cross the road easy.

Peta attributes her Frontier V4 FWD with enabling her to obtain a master’s degree in in tourism, and being able to live her life the way she wants.

“Magic Mobility has allowed me a whole new level of independence,” Peta says. “It gives me freedom and enables me to be a normal person like everyone else.”

Carl is a project officer with a disability organisation, and has a hectic social life. His favourite feature about his Frontier V6 All Terrain, which allows him to achieve his aspirations, is the powerlift function.

“The powerlift function increases my height and without it I can’t speak to people at eye level. It’s one of those things that you don’t realise how disempowering it is being short until you experience the opposite. So it’s something that I’ve really used to increase my confidence in public and dealing with people at work”, Carl says.

“The best wheelchair for me is the one I don’t have to think about.”

Are you looking for a powerchair to help you be productive? Contact us to learn more about the features that give you independence where you need it most – at work, at home or out on your adventures. .

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