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Improving your mobility with under seat options

Magic Mobility powerchairs are designed to give you more freedom and independence, while also keeping you safe, comfortable and improving your range of mobility.

Our add-on under seat options and upgrades, including power, lighting, docking and stability options, can be highly customised to your needs, and have been engineered to keep you safe and more comfortable.

Under seat power options give you an additional range of movement, designed to help you access more things, and change positions to keep you more comfortable for longer. These add-ons include tilt, lift and tilt, transfer tilt and a fixed tilt.

Magic Mobility user Carl’s Frontier V6 All Terrain is fitted with a lift and tilt option, which he says is empowering, because it enables him to talk to other people at eye level.

Frontier V6 AT user Richard uses his tilt option to change positions throughout the day. This helps him avoid the nagging pains that come when he stays in one spot too long.

All Magic Mobility powerchairs can be fitted with custom headlights and taillights, which are mounted on flexible rubber brackets that are designed to resist bumps. The lights can also include a turning indicator function, and are powered by the wheelchair’s battery. The exact position of the lights can be tailored to your powerchair to accommodate your leg rests, tie-downs, kneepads and power options.

Frontier V6 AT user Brad says his headlights and taillights come in handy when he stays out after dark. They keep him safe by making him more visible to others, and help illuminate the path home.

Magic Mobility’s award winning Retractable Docking Pin enables users to easily and safely secure their powerchair in a car. This is designed to give powerchair users the freedom to drive cars that are fitted with compatible docking stations.

The Retractable Docking Pin is operated via the wheelchair’s joystick, locking into position when required and retracting inside the frame when not in use. This improves your powerchair’s ground clearance, avoiding having the pin catch on uneven terrain, curbs and other obstacles. The docking pin can be fitted to Frontier V6 and Frontier V4 options, however it cannot be fitted in conjunction with the transfer tilt power option.

All Magic Mobility powerchairs can be fitted with stability options to improve safety on steep terrain or surfaces that don’t have much traction. The inclinometer system is designed to sense the angle of your powerchair’s backrest on inclines.

When the chair senses an incline, it will inhibit certain functions to ensure maximum stability and safety for the user. Depending on the angle, the powerchair may inhibit the power lift, tilt back, backrest recline and even drive functions. Powerchair speeds are also limited at some angles.

Are you interested in trialling Magic Mobility under seat options? Contact us to trial now.

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