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Isolated, but still engaging

Keith is an adventurer.

He’s also an entrepreneur and crazy for good music. It’s hard to ask a growing teenager to not explore the world around them – and in these changing times Keith explores it with his immediate family. He needed a wheelchair that could keep pace with his rapidly changing body, and one that the family could manage themselves. Accommodating for growth, and ensuring comfort, as well as some off-road grunt were top of the list. It was only natural Keith chose the Extreme X8.

With today’s pressures of needing to isolate from others, and acknowledging the vulnerabilities of the wider community, Magic Mobility encourages our users to think carefully about their needs before going on adventures where they might interact with groups. Exercise and getting outdoors remains important but must be done with care and concern.

Prior to the pandemic unfolding across the world, Keith and his family would explore the hiking trails of Colorado, USA to escape the Oklahoma summer heat and challenge themselves to reach new destinations with the Extreme X8. Today although some of these activities may be curtailed, it’s still important to try and get outdoors to exercise safely where you can. Advice given today is that it’s still okay to visit open air spaces and parks where you can.

Keep good distance between yourself and others – 1.5 meters is recommended. Travel only with your immediate family or carers and avoid meeting in groups. Make sure your Magic Mobility powerchair is wiped regularly with sterilising fluids, and wash your hands frequently.

If you are concerned about your health in any way, then it is recommended you stay at home.








Keith found that using his Extreme X8 he was able to get to the top of a rock table at the Wild Basin trailhead in Rocky Mountain National Park.

He was able to see the world in a way his family never thought he would have the chance to. His family knew that this would never have been possible without his X8.

Keith himself says it is “one of the best memories of his life”.

Magic Mobility and our global agents can still help you during this time. If you would like to trial a chair or connect with your nearest agent please contact us.


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