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Keeping up with Beau in his powerchair

Keeping up with a 9-year-old is never easy. When you are as adventurous and as curious as Beau from country New South Wales, Australia, this means everyone is on their toes! Beau’s family have worked out the best ways to help remove some of the significant obstacles in his life and one of those was to get him into a Magic Mobility powerchair. He’s never looked back.

Beau’s mum, Samantha, has always actively encouraged Beau’s independence. Beau has a growth limiting disability and before he got himself into a powerchair the family managed with a manual chair and a foam cushion. Once he was behind the controls of his own powerchair his whole world opened up.

“It was brilliant to see him be able to be independent for the first time,” said Samantha.

“The chair allows him to do mundane activities by anyone’s standards.

He is able to get to and around school, he can get around town when we go for walks or just to the shop for milk and an ice cream. He can go and get the horses with us and lead them back. He can take off and go where he wants without needing to be pushed or carried.”

Like any parent Samantha is keen to ensure that her child gets as many opportunities as able-bodied kids. The investment in a Magic Mobility powerchair was seen as vital to help provide that balance, but even then, it doesn’t always even out.


“I have issues with the city and town planners that do not think about people with disabilities when designing areas or even disabled toilets,” Samantha explained.  “We went all the way to Sydney to see the Sculptures by The Sea with Beau’s school and he could only access one small part of it. Very disappointing.”

Samantha’s commitment to see Beau have the same experiences as able-bodied children has eventuated in Beau being able to travel to school by bus just like any other kid.

To catch a glimpse of Beau taking himself to school, check out this short video.

Are you the parent of a child with a disability? You can meet up with us at the Source Kids Expo at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, 4th-5th April 2020. Entry is free and you can click here to register. We’d love to chat!

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