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Keeping you comfortable with armrest options

Choosing the right armrests and armpads can make a world of difference in your everyday life. Magic Mobility’s engineers have designed three armpad choices to give the support you need from your elbow to your wrist.

These options include a MPS arm pad for maximum support with 50mm and 70mm options, gutter arm pads to help position the arm and waterfall armpads for extra support. When combined with a flexi (flip-up) armrest, users can achieve a greater degree of adjustability.

Armrests are an important component of your powerchair, helping users to relieve pressure and shift their weight easier. They can also provide better balance and control for users who have restricted upper body function.

Magic Mobility’s armrests can be specifically tailored with foams for your needs, whether you require pressure care management or more firm support.

Each of these armrests can be customised to fit with your specific seat and backrest.

Of all of the armrests, the flexi armrest gives the user the most options for adjustability. The flexi rest can swing upwards out of the way so the user can get closer to tables and/or desks. They can be adjusted in both height and angle of the rest, and the armpad. We’ve created a short video here to show how easy it is to do your own DIY adjustments:

The flexi armrest is mounted on the backrest, so it automatically adjusts in line with the user backrest. For users who require the armrest to be secure for more support, the armrest can be locked using either a locking wedge on the join to the backrest, or with a locking post attached to the chair. Users who use a locking post for further stability will need to release it before using the power recline function.

Are you interested in learning more about armrest and armpad options? Contact us and we’ll put you in touch with your nearest dealer.

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