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Love the travelling life

Love the traveling life with Magic Mobility!Many Magic Mobility users love to travel – and thanks to their powerchairs, they can really go wherever they please. We hope that hearing their stories will inspire others with the confidence to explore more of the world.

Timm from Arizona explains how he ended up with his Frontier V6 AT. “My wife and I had taken a trip to Maui and I was not able to roll on the beach on my own…so I set out on a mission to find a way to join my wife on the beach.”

Timm’s first Magic Mobility powerchair allowed he and his wife to enjoy visiting the beach together in Miami

From San Diego beach to the New York subway, Timm’s V6 AT gets him where he wants to go.

Back in 2010, Timm’s first Magic Mobility powerchair allowed he and his wife to enjoy visiting the beach together in Miami. “We had such a great time, we flew to San Diego the next weekend and rolled on the beach all weekend”.

His latest Frontier V6 is also great for urban travel. “I just came back from a vacation in New York City and was able to use the subway, ferry, bus, wheelchair cab, and airplane with true comfort using my Frontier V6”.

A big part of Timm’s travel confidence comes from knowing he has the range to get wherever he needs to go and back again.

Timm has complete confidence that his powerchair can handle 3-to-4-inch kerbs with “no issues”, and that he can “roll in environments from sand, mud, or deep gravel and not worry about getting stuck”, gives him great peace of mind.

Another keen traveller is Shelley from Georgia. “My husband and I love to travel and camp. We have upgraded from a tent to a Travel Trailer, we LOVE to get outside and explore the area.” And they sure do explore a lot of amazing places!

As a former US Coast Guard, Shelley’s Frontier V6 AT (which she has named ‘Magnum’) was funded by Veteran’s Affairs. It was hard work convincing them the AT was necessary for her to get out safely around their home, but it’s certainly paid off.

“Every aspect of the chair is important and valuable to me, but the most important is its versatility. It’s got the power and the ability to take me where I need to go and it is comfortable”.

Shelley from Georgia is a keen traveller, now planning to become Full Time Rovers thanks to her Magic Mobility powerchair

Shelley loves travelling to experience National and State parks in her V6 AT.

“I’ve got MS and due to different medication treatments over the last 20 years, my bones have been severely compromised. I have had a hip replacement and both shoulders replaced.”

Despite her disabling condition, Shelley and her husband Tony are planning to become full time rovers, spending 10 months of the year on the road. “We always want to be outdoors. Our favourite places to go are National and State Parks around the country.

We thought that our days of enjoying the outdoors were over due to my advancing MS. Receiving Magnum has reenergized my love for the outdoors.”

“I am able to go places and see and do things that I thought I’d never get to do again,” says Shelley.

Keith from Oklahoma got his Magic Mobility Extreme X8 when he was 13 and it changed his life

Keith’s Extreme X8 lets him explore the wilderness with his family.

Keith from Oklahoma got his Extreme X8 when he was 13. His mother Erin recalls what it meant to his whole family.

“Our family loves to vacation in the mountains of Colorado, away from the Oklahoma summer heat. Without the Extreme X8 we were limited to accessible, paved hiking trails. We only dreamed about the scenery and wilderness that we were missing out on beyond the pavement.  Now we can get out further without rocky terrain, branches, and tree roots stopping us from seeing beautiful rivers, streams and waterfalls.”

Looking back on some of Keith’s experiences, travelling to spectacular national parks, Keith’s mum Erin recalls a particular time when he made it to the top of a rock that looked out over an amazing waterfall.

“We knew that without his Extreme X8 it would have been impossible for him to experience.

He says it is one of the best memories of his life, and that is priceless.”

Brothers Ross and Finn are another pair of intrepid wheelchair travellers in their Frontier V6 Hybrid powerchairs. Affected by Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and the steroid treatments required to combat the disorder, parents Michelle and Steve have travelled with them from their home in British Columbia to Egypt, Greece, Italy, Portugal, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic and “all through Mexico from one end to the other.”

Steve explains “we are probably a little more adventurous than most! Our family life revolves around our boys and their ability to access certain areas and locations. … We wanted to ensure that the wheelchairs we purchased were suitable and reliable and this is now our second set of Frontier V6 chairs”.

Michelle says “The boys just love those adventures. So we quickly realised that travelling generally brought all of us a lot of joy.

Brothers Ross and Finn are another pair of intrepid wheelchair travellers in their Magic Mobility Frontier V6 Hybrids

Travelling the world with their family in their Frontier V6 Hybrid powerchairs has brought brothers Ross and Finn a great deal of joy.

Whether you’re into sport, culture or nature, travelling to enjoy new experiences is made possible with a Magic Mobility powerchair.

Ready to trial a Magic Mobility powerchair in preparation for your next travel adventure? Click here to find your local agent.

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