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Magic 360 takes on the world!

The Magic 360 powerchair in action off-road

Magic 360 – off the test bench and into the bush!

The best kept mobility secret is about to go global. Our newest family member – the Magic 360 – is releasing into Europe and we’re keen to hear what they think!

We chat to someone who put the Magic 360 through a brutal testing regime to see if it could hack the challenge. What did he find?

Top marks for the Magic 360.

Craig tests it and finds:

  • Built for extreme challenge and adventure
  • Compact size means masses of flexibility
  • Top marks for ride comfort
  • Best in field for stability
Close-up of the Magic 360 powerchair tackling outdoor terrain

Taking the Magic 360 off the test bench into the great outdoors.

Craig John is more than just a regular powerchair user. Craig has been immersed in the world of powerchairs for almost 20 years, and he knows a good chair when he sees it.

Craig is the Director at Wheelchairs Express in Parkes, NSW. We asked him to put the Magic 360 through its paces and give us his honest judgement.

“We sold our first Magic Mobility powerchair in about 2006,” said Craig. “Since then, we’ve watched Magic Mobility go through such transformation. We were privileged to be partnered with them seriously about five years ago.”

Craig knows the Magic range, but he also knows the wide range of powerchairs that are on the market. We thought he was the perfect person to give us real feedback on our latest product.

“We brutally and practically trial and test things coming to market,” Craig explains. “It’s not just on a test bench!”

The Magic 360 powerchair tackles the great outdoors

Taking the Magic 360 to the limits,  it passes all the tests.

Craig rates Magic chairs as being the best for extreme challenges and adventures – “these chairs are just starting where most others have stopped!”

The standout find for Craig was the stability of the Magic Mobility ride.

“Our customers rate stability and comfort,” he said. We agree. No one likes the feeling you’re going to tip!

Craig rates the Magic 360 for “it’s great ride quality”, additionally pointing out that “it feels very stable”.

The second standout was the Magic 360’s ability to go from “bathroom to paddock”, as Craig puts it.

The compact size gives such immense flexibility to users, so much so that you can wriggle into the tightest spaces and then head to the great outdoors without fuss.

“This chair is refined, tough and reliable,” said Craig.

The Magic 360 powerchair negotiating a tight indoor corner.

Testing tight corners with the Magic 360.

Craig notes that the Magic 360 is the perfect chair if you’re looking for flexibility.

“Refined indoor use? Perfect. General transportation? Perfect. Adventure and outdoors? This is only just the beginning!

“Go the Magic 360!”

Would you like to trial the Magic 360 and put it through its paces? Or have you given it a go and have an opinion? We would love to hear from you! Drop us a note to book your trial or give us your review.



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