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Making that chair all yours

There is nothing stopping you from giving your chair a magic makeover it deserves! We’re celebrating the inspired and unique touches made by some of our Magic Mobility powerchair user’s own Magic touches to change up the body of their wheelchair.

Take a look!

Your chair is your most personal of possessions. It’s an extension of your body.

As such, you should be able to make it as personal as you wish.

At Magic Mobility we’re more than happy to oblige!

Check out a couple of tailored treatments we’ve done lately.

Are You Green Yet?

Making that chair all yours

Brodie’s tailored Magic Mobility Extreme X8 looks right at home on the sand.

With his camo shroud topped off with bright green seating, Brodie believes he has taken his wheelchair from zero to hero.

It was a personal choice made by Brodie himself, says his mum.

“He loves his green machine!” she said.



Want to sparkle and shine? No problem.

Glitter pink body to let you just shine!

We’ve got the treatment for you.

A special request was made to give a girl some sparkle treatment, and we did exactly that.

The hot pink body was lusciously covered in a fab shine that would give any kid a reason to smile.





And of course, we’ve got one for the big kids too.

Stealth style with a matte black body and frame

Check out the sleek moves on this matte black goddess of a chair.

Designed for the user who wants to leave a significant impression, the matte black treatment was a special request from a sophisticated client.

Choosing the Extreme X8 and styling it out to make it their own, this client was after a ‘stealth bomber’ look. Classy, silent and powerful.

We’re happy to chat with you about your tailoring needs.

Change colours and styles as your interests and needs change – and make your wheelchair your own.

But remember, our tailored wheelchairs are mainly available in Australia.





Contact us today to allow us to design the chair of your dreams.


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