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Removing boundaries with the Extreme X8

Keith in his Extreme X8 amoun mountainous scenery

Keith, soaking up the scenery in Colorado.

Keith from Oklahoma loves hunting and getting outdoors, but was limited by his previous wheelchair. Penny wanted to tackle one of the UK’s most challenging outdoor climbs.

Neither of them could have done it without their Extreme X8.

Since Keith got an Extreme X8, he’s been able to get outdoors and enjoy himself with more independence and less boundaries. He says his Extreme X8 adventures have been some of the best memories of his life.

Keith and his family like to vacation in the mountains of Colorado, where they previously were limited to only hiking on paved trails.

He had dreamed of the scenery beyond the accessible trails, but never thought he’d be able to see it himself.

Keith goes hunting with his dad in his Extreme X8.

Now in his Extreme X8, Keith is embracing his off-road capabilities. He’s able to get out over rocky terrain, branches and tree roots to see rivers, streams and waterfalls.

Keith also goes hunting with his dad, James. His Extreme X8 enables him to tackle off-road obstacles and to manage his own gear while pushing the boundaries.

Meanwhile in the UK, the Snowdon Push is a tough and exhilarating fundraising event that challenges teams of 10 to 16 people to conquer Mount Snowdon, the highest mountain in England and Wales.

Wheelchair user Penny completed the challenge, working with her team to tackle the summit of the mountain over 8 miles of steep, mixed surface terrain. This video gives you an idea of Penny’s journey:


When Penny was given the opportunity to trial the Magic Mobility Extreme X8, she was hooked.

Penny's team atop Mt Snowden.

Penny’s team on Mt Snowden.

“I used it when our grandchildren were visiting, and we went for a trek in the woods near our new fully accessible home. It was amazing and I really liked the opportunities it gave me. I decided that I should have my own all-terrain wheelchair. I was told that it would arrive just in time for tackling the mountain so when a friend said he’d put together a team to go with me, I found myself saying yes!”

Although the climb is only 8 miles, the steep and uneven terrain meant that a battery change was required to ensure Penny made it safely up the mountain. This meant that the teams had to carry spare batteries to and from the halfway point on the mountain.

A team effort and unbridled determination are required to conquer a mountain like Snowdon in a wheelchair.

Experience has shown us that with an experienced driver the chair will do almost all of the climbing itself, as long as there is someone on the back to brace it when climbing or descending at very steep angles.

Above the halfway point the terrain is very rough and involves long flights of very steep steps constructed from large rocks. The Extreme X8 took them all in its stride and the chair made it to the top with plenty of battery life remaining.

The Extreme X8 is said to be the only powerchair to reach the Snowdon summit using only the path.

While other power wheelchairs have completed the ascent, they have relied on the railway bed to complete the topmost section of the climb.

Enquire now to learn more about our new battery upgrade available on new Extreme X8 powerchairs, affording the user an additional 20% battery range.

Are you ready to push your limits in an Extreme X8?

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