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Mark customises his powerchair through the NDIS

Mark recently received his third Magic Mobility powerchair, fully customised and funded through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in Australia.

Mark worked closely with the Magic Mobility team to customise his new Frontier V6 Compact 73 to his reasonable and necessary needs, as determined under the NDIS.

Because Mark needs his wheelchair to be “robust and reliable”, there was no question that his choice would again be Magic Mobility.

Mark had an Assistive Technology (AT) assessment as part of the process of qualifying for a new powerchair. The NDIA determined that Mark was eligible for a new powerchair under the Level 4 (complex) category of funding. 

Having had his previous Frontier V6 for eight years, Mark knows exactly what he wants in his new powerchair. He is looking forward to accessing some of Magic Mobility’s recently released innovations.

The powerchair will have special features like the Bluetooth colour screen JSM joystick, combined with the recently developed One Click Activator, which will enable Mark to change power functions on the go. The joystick will be mounted on a height adjustable stem, which means that he can change the height depending on his needs.

Mark’s choice in the Compact 73 means he will be able to manoeuvre around inside without having to widen standard doorways.

Watch Mark’s NDIS video:

Recent improvements to the Frontier V6 Compact models give Mark’s new powerchair 14” x 3” Hybrid wheels as standard. Available in black or grey, these wheels will improve the ride comfort, and give a better off-road capacity.

Mark describes his powerchair as more of a prosthetic than a tool or piece of equipment.

“The chair is an extension of my body,” Mark said. “I use all of the functions without thinking about it, they’re part of my everyday.”

Mark is looking forward to using his new Transfer Tilt feature, an under seat option which will enable him to transfer independently. With the seat front tilted forward at 10 degrees, it’s easier for users to step in and out of their wheelchair without the assistance of carers

The recline feature is one of Mark’s most frequently used features. It enables him to change position and remain comfortable, eliminating aches and pains from staying in the one position all day long.

Like Mark, are you interested in tailoring a powerchair to your needs? Contact us today to find out more.

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