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NDIS – funding your future powerchair

Mark Brown needs a powerchair to have a balanced and successful life. From the time he gets up in the morning till the time he goes to bed, his powerchair is involved in everything he does. He’s been using this incredibly personal piece of equipment for over 8 years. Last year Mark was successful in applying through the NDIA for funding for his next powerchair, and like both before he’s chosen a Magic Mobility powerchair.

“When you get a wheelchair, you’re changing something fundamental about your life,” explained Mark. “If the new wheelchair doesn’t fit your body and doesn’t fit your needs, it can affect your whole life. That’s why I’m confident in selecting a Magic Mobility Frontier V6 compact powerchair.”

Mark with his parents.

Through his NDIS plan, Mark has been able to demonstrate that Magic Mobility’s Frontier V6 Compact73 will meet his needs, goals and aspirations. There are many factors you need to consider when putting together your NDIS plan, especially given that a powerchair falls into the Level 4 (complex) category of funding.

“You need to consider so many things with a powerchair,” says Mark. “There’s the functionality. Is it going to go as fast as you want? Is it going to be able to tackle the terrain where you live?”

The NDIS does support complex assistive technology solutions such as Magic Mobility all terrain powerchairs. These can be purchased with basic specifications or modified to take into account of the unique needs of the person. Mark’s own chair has been highly customised to deal with his body’s requirements.

“A powerchair is so personal. There are so many considerations to get the chair right,” Mark said.

Power leg rest elevation is important to me because my legs get uncomfortable in the same position. I need to get the circulation flowing. My Magic Mobility powerchair is funded to have the power leg elevation option.”

Because of the complexities of Mark’s needs, his plan required an assistive technology (AT) assessment. This helped the NDIA work out what forms of AT were critical to Mark, and they determined that the Magic Mobility Frontier V6 C73 with suitable modifications gave him the independence he needed. Mark worked closely on his NDIS plan alongside engineers and sales specialists at Magic Mobility to make sure his powerchair was just right.

Watch Mark’s video:

“A millimeter can make a huge difference,” says Mark. “It can take quite a bit of trial and error to get the chair perfectly right.”

Are you interested in learning more about Magic Mobility’s range of all terrain powerchairs? Contact us to find out more about how we can support your NDIS plan or click to view our range of all terrain powerchairs.

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