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New Season – New off-road powerchair adventures

A change of season brings a whole new set of opportunities – and it’s these opportunities that US-based Andy Arnett looks forward to. In the US, autumn/fall is approaching and for Andy that means getting out to the backwoods, going fishing, getting off-road and enjoying everything life hands him.

Andy Arnett breaks new ground in his Extreme X8

As an outdoor adventurer Andy is committed to going further.

“Getting on the beach, getting off the beaten path, into the woods, through fields, snow and muddy terrain,” explained Andy. “I’ve hunted and trekked in all kinds of weather and in places I would never have got to without my Magic Mobility!”

Andy is a quadriplegic and has spent the last 30 years working as an IT professional. That’s all behind him now and he uses the time to push boundaries on Lake Norman in North Carolina.

“You can most likely find me in my hunting blind, on my dock with a fishing pole in hand, shredding the wake behind a ski boat, cruising the lake on my pontoon or just hanging with my dog,” said Andy. It’s Andy’s positive attitude as well as his Magic Mobility that helps him reach all the goals he sets himself.

“Everyone faces barriers in life, explained Andy. “It’s your attitude that defines who you are.”

Andy Arnett adventures on the beach in his Magic Mobility Extreme X8

“I got my first Magic Mobility wheelchair in 2010. I finally got access to the beach for the first time since I had been injured more than 20 years before!  It was an awesome feeling being able to run over the soft sand without being stuck the first foot.  I got to “walk” along the beach hand in hand with my wife and my dog running beside us.”

Andy knows that taking good care of his Magic Mobility will mean it will return the favour with great service and robust reliability for years to come. And he loves the knobby 14″ tyres.

14” knobby tyres are ideal for heading off road, providing excellent traction and comfort. They can also run at low pressure, so you’re able to adjust your tyre pressure depending on what surface you’re on. The knobs provide excellent traction to help you tackle challenging terrain like sand, snow or mud. They also provide great traction on slippery surfaces such as wet pavements.

Magic Mobility Extreme X8

In addition to the knobs, the width of these tyres also helps provide traction and are best for outdoor use.

The knobby tyres also give the most comfortable ride as you are essentially floating on a cushion of air.

The knobby tyres come standard with the Extreme X8 power wheelchair and Frontier V6 All Terrain. You can catch our engineer Lachlan Daff tell you all about the different types of tyre choices we have available.


For Andy the knobby tyre made all the difference at one of the most important moments in his life.

“I was able to get on the beach at my sister’s wedding!” he exclaimed. “They had arranged a condo balcony for me to watch from, but my Magic Mobility got me up close and personal on the sand!

“A cherished memory and feeling of inclusiveness that I will never forget.”

Want to feel included in all the action? You might want to try the Magic Mobility Extreme X8. Drop us a note to find out more.

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