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What’s your New Year’s Resolution?

It’s the end of another pretty dramatic year, and we want to know what you are planning as your New Year’s Resolution. It’s traditionally a time to reflect on the year that has just passed and plan those new adventures for the year to come. We would love to help your plans become reality. We chatted to a few of Magic Mobility’s fearless family who raised the Magic bar in 2021, and we’re looking forward to them doing the same in 2022!

Take on your world – whether it’s beaches to buildings, school trips to shopping trips.

Leaping from tall buildings in a single bound!

Daredevil Marlena is jumping into 2022!

Marlena wanted a tough and robust chair as she took on the beaches in her hometown in Queensland, Australia – but most importantly a chair that would support her and help her tackle the biggest challenge of her life.

Marlena is on track to being the first person with cerebral palsy to secure global base-jumping recognition.

Of course, she chose the Magic Mobility Extreme X8 to get her there!

Marlena’s Extreme X8 is there for every adventure.

Base-jumping is terrifying and dangerous. It’s the sport of jumping from impossible heights from buildings, cliffs, bridges, and towers using a parachute to control your descent.

BASE numbers are awarded to those who have made at least one jump from each of the four categories – Buildings, Antennas, Spans, and Earth. It’s Marlena’s dream to be the first person living with CP to score a BASE number.

“I already was the first person with CP to base-jump, but to get the BASE number, I need to jump off various objects,” explains Marlena.

Marlena’s Extreme X8 is a vital part of her equipment because without it there is no way she could participate in daredevil sports.

Whether it’s jumping out of helicopters or taking on a base jump or simply hitting the beach – her Extreme X8 is there for her.

Never Taking No for an Answer

Leonie simply would not take ‘no’ for an answer.

Leonie simply wanted to live the lifestyle she had in rural South Australia before needing a wheelchair. When she received her Extreme X8 in November 2020 she promptly gave it a name – Franklin – and the very first thing she did was take her horse, Legacy, for a walk.

“Like pairs of shoes, not all wheelchairs can go all places – that is, except the Extreme X8,” said Leonie. “I chose it so it can take me where my manual wheelchair cannot go.”

But getting Franklin, the Extreme X8, with the support of the NDIS was no easy task. Leonie had to clearly spell out exactly why she needed a chair with such power, grunt and off-road capability.

“I live on a hilly, rural property and the Extreme X8 is necessary to navigate here and it helps me to achieve my goals.”

“The Extreme X8 was suggested by my wonderful OT and the team at Xtra Care here in South Australia so I could safely access the outside and do more with my horse again.”

Since securing the Extreme X8 Leonie can now access the beautiful place she calls home. “It has given me the gift of life back.”

“It’s just the best feeling! I could not believe that I could go to all of these places. I feel like I’ve regained my sense of adventure. Every time I use Franklin I fall in love with it more and more.”

Sometimes the smallest journeys are the biggest challenges

Keeping up with a young child is never easy. When you are as adventurous and as curious as Beau from country New South Wales, Australia, this means everyone is on their toes! Beau’s family have worked out the best ways to help remove some of the significant obstacles in his life and one of those was to get him into a Magic Mobility power wheelchair. He’s never looked back.

Beau’s mum, Samantha, has always actively encouraged Beau’s independence. Beau has a growth limiting disability and before he got himself into a power wheelchair the family managed with a manual chair and a foam cushion. Once he was behind the controls of his own power wheelchair his whole world opened up.

“It was brilliant to see him be able to be independent for the first time,” said Samantha. “The chair allows him to do mundane activities by anyone’s standards.

Samantha’s commitment to see Beau have the same experiences as able-bodied children has eventuated in Beau being able to travel to school by bus just like any other kid.

To catch a glimpse of Beau taking himself off to school, check out this short video:

Get in touch to find out more, and how you can trial the right chair that matches your adventures for the New Year!

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