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The secret of no-jiggle and no-bumps

What do you get with a Magic Mobility chair?

Lose the jiggle and bumps.

You have the robust engineering solutions that take our chairs from good to absolutely amazing. Our suspension and sophisticated chair designs mean you are saved from the jiggle and bump – and this might make the difference in helping you manage your pain or even preventing injury.

Magic Mobility’s engineering team is second to none when it comes to developing a smooth ride. Every single one of Magic Mobility’s chairs comes with the highest level of engineering solutions to address the specific needs of our users.

The secret of the Magic 360 is the interchangeable wheels and tyres.

We understand that your personal requirements need to be matched to a chair which can then also tackle your specific environments.

Do you need to easily get around the shops? Love cutting across the park? Want to explore gravel trails? We’ve not only got the chair for the task, but we’ve also got the suspension to help you manage the after-shocks!

Check out our Magic 360. This compact base chair is the perfect all-rounder. You can feel comfortable indoors as well as rely on its power to handle the off-road challenge.

We’ve matched the grunt with a sophisticated suspension on every single wheel. This is the little chair that can do very big things. Add a 14” Crossover tyre and you take the level of comfort up another notch. That’s the secret of Magic Mobility’s engineering – we combine different attributes to improve the overall outcome.

Check out some of the features of our newest addition…

Our Extreme X8 is the best example of great control and suspension in our family of wheelchairs. The suspension absorbs everything you can possibly throw at it. There’s a motor on every drive wheel, and that means you get maximum traction and maximum power. It means you are in control of your environment, and not the other way around.

Secondly, there is a unique articulated frame technology – this means the wheels can move up and down to respond to the terrain you’re on – and that means fewer bumps for you.

Combining these features with a knobby tyre as standard and the correct tyre pressure you have an air-filled adventure and a very soft ride.

Clinical Mobility Solutions in the UK went off-road into Deptford Forest to challenge our Extreme beast in boggy, wet soil to see how it would handle the pressure. The Extreme X8 suspension got the thumbs up and the tick of approval despite the soggy conditions.

Check out the review from Clinical Mobility Solutions:

Do you want to trial a Magic Mobility powered wheelchair to discover which suspension is right for you? Drop us a note and we can help you get into the right chair.


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