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For every terrain. Not just all-terrain.

What kind of world do YOU master every day?

You may use your chair for a stroll or the daily grind.

Everyone has their very own challenges, and many of us need powered chairs that can complete specific tasks – just for us. We talked to a few Magic Mobility users to hear how their private mountains became molehills – you will be surprised to learn what they told us!

Those who know Magic Mobility know that powered wheelchairs are for every terrain, not just all-terrain. Everyone’s individual world has a specific type of challenge, and we know that a Magic chair is often the answer!

Australian Gavin Spriggs is a Magic fan – he’s been in Magic chairs for years and today he’s controlling the grunt of the Frontier V6-AT. Traditionally thought of as only an all-terrain chair, Gavin disproves the theory that this chair is only for extracurricular fun.


Gavin is a Magic Mobility fan.

“Without a Magic powerchair, I wouldn’t be able to go out into the community,” said Gavin. “Without my powerchair, I wouldn’t be where I am today!”

The Frontier V6 AT is commonly misunderstood as a chair only for off-road bush bashing, but Gavin gives a real-life example of why the Frontier V6 AT is perfect for every one of his personal terrains.

“Not too long ago.  I was having trouble getting a new pair of boots,” Gavin explained.  “I had to source a sheepskin place. To get to the right train station, I had to travel about 6km. I wouldn’t have been able to get there without my wheelchair.  My chair was able to handle the various terrain types and kerbs and I had confidence in its ability to do so.”


“These chairs are virtually impossible to tip!”


Jamie takes to the snow to watch his kids.

Jamie Wilson is another user for whom a powerchair traditionally seen as being only used for off-road adventuring, is central to his daily life. Jamie lives in New Zealand and is an unabashed supporter of his kid’s sports. Jamie’s world involves being able to get to see his kids enjoy their sport, whether that means getting on to the field, the snow slopes or inside to watch a game of basketball.

Jamie is a Magic Mobility Extreme X8 user and rather than simply using the awesome 4WD power for weekend off-roading, he uses it to get where he needs to go to support his kid’s sporting activities.

“I like to use it when the kids go biking, or when I’m walking with my wife. I use it for everyday things,” he said. “I’ve used it on snowfields, I’ve been down BMX tracks, on walking tracks and down on the beach. It makes me feel amazing. I get stopped by people all the time, asking questions about it.”

For Jamie the Extreme X8 lets him do all the things he used to do prior to his accident – he didn’t want to compromise on being around for his kids. The Extreme X8 lets him lead the life he wants.

Are you ready to tackle all of the terrains in your world? We can help match you to your perfect chair. Just contact us to find out more!


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