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Off-road comes to the city

Magic Mobility has a pedigree of designing and making the most robust and well-engineered assistive technology. But what happens when you take off-road design and bring it to tight indoor environments?

Bringing off-road to the city…

We make sure that the strength and integrity of our all-terrain powerchairs are shared by our chairs designed for more domestic use – so you get the benefit of great design regardless of your personal terrain.

But does an off-road knobby tyre really help navigate footpaths?

How easy is it to do things like turn around in tight spaces if you’ve got a chair with grunt?

Does a powerchair with off-road capability really work in the city and home environment?

Tackling tight corners indoors is no issue.

That’s why we created the Magic 360 – taking the best of what you know us for and making it even more compact than before.

The Magic 360 holds a special secret and that’s in its easily interchangeable wheels and tyres.

It’s simple to go from knobby tyres which grip, to a hybrid tyre for indoor use. You can quickly change from wide tyres to narrow ones, reducing scuff marks and make tight corners a breeze!

Taking on every terrain with ease.

The Magic 360 has kept what you know us best for – a strong and sleek design matched with responsive power.

The Magic 360 is designed for your type of adventure – whether that’s getting to the office or getting creekside to do some fishing.

Get in touch to find out more, and how you can trial a Magic 360 to see if it matches your adventures.



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