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When your Occupational Therapist steps up

Occupational Therapists crucial part of team

Your OT is a crucial part of your team.

Occupational Therapists are such an important part of your team. We know you love and trust them, especially when they give you advice that improves your world.

We chat to a Magic Mobility user whose whole life direction changed because his OT asked him just the right questions.

Richard Lamb is a veteran living in Boulder, Colorado and wrestling with the ongoing effects of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, and thought he was only seeking a mobility scooter to help him “get through a grocery store without collapsing”.

But it was a far-sighted Occupational Therapist from the US Department of Veteran’s Affairs who saw that there was something more Richard might be needing.

“My Occupational Therapist at the VA interviewed me and asked a lot of questions about my life prior to getting sick,” said Richard. “I was an avid nature and wildlife photographer. I did really miss being able to enjoy the great outdoors.”

Richard Lamb outdoor photographer

Richard can now get back to doing what he loves.

Richard’s OT suggested he consider the Magic Mobility V6AT. Richard’s first thoughts were that the powerchair was “huge”, but by the look of the tyres, he knew that the V6AT would definitely take him places.

“I went back home with a pile of info on various devices and I was told to pick one and get back to her,” remembers Richard. “I mulled over each option, but I kept going back to the Frontier V6AT. It was clearly more comfortable, more capable, and built to last like nothing else was.”

When delivery day came all of Richard’s expectations were exceeded.

“Oh my God, I’m blown away!”

Occupational Therapists assist Richard Lamb

Occupational Therapists assisted Richard in getting into his dream chair.

“Oh my God, I’m blown away!” said Richard. “It fits me perfectly! It’s immediately comfortable! And it tilts?! I didn’t even expect that! I am so blessed!”

“Thank you so much for making such an amazing product. It’s built to last, it over delivers and never lets me down! The Frontier V6 AT has re-opened my world, with a HUGE smile all the way!”

Do you have a great story to share about your Occupational Therapist, or maybe there is another member of your support and care team you’d like to give a shout-out to? Drop us a note here.

Check out Richard’s Dream Chair – the Frontier V6 AT


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