What kind of powerchair does a disabled base-jumper use? Magic Mobility


What kind of powerchair does a disabled base-jumper use?

Marlena base-jumping in Kuala Lumpur.

For daredevil Marlena, it’s all about independence.

She wanted a tough and robust chair as she took on the beaches in her hometown in Queensland, Australia – but most importantly a chair that would support her and help her tackle the biggest challenge of her life.

Marlena is on track to being the first person with cerebral palsy to secure global base-jumping recognition.


Of course, she chose the Magic Mobility Extreme X8 to get her there!

Base-jumping is terrifying and dangerous at the best of times. It’s the sport of jumping from impossible heights from buildings, cliffs, bridges, and towers using a parachute to control your descent.

Marlena is truly fearless.

BASE numbers are awarded to those who have made at least one jump from each of the four categories – Buildings, Antennas, Spans, and Earth. It’s Marlena’s dream to be the first person living with CP to score a BASE number.

“I already was the first person with CP to base-jump, but to get the BASE number, I need to jump off various objects,” explains Marlena.

Marlena’s X8 is a vital part of her equipment because without it there is no way she partake in her sport.

“I would have to hire a harem of strong men!” she laughs. “While that idea is appealing, this chair makes the goal a lot more attainable.”

Marlena is the friend you wish you could have – she’s a music journalist (“my Extreme X8 is GREAT at festivals,” she says), a skydiver and owner of a bouncy castle business.

Marlena might have the courage to tackle jumping off tall buildings, but advocating for her own assistive technology was a challenge in itself. She turned to the support of an experienced Occupational Therapist.

“The Extreme X8 has literally opened up my backyard”

Marlena takes to the beach in her Extreme X8

“It wasn’t an easy thing to justify,” says Marlena, who enjoys going on independent walks on her own.

“The therapist that came on board was amazing and clearly articulated my needs for a second chair to be an outdoor chair.”

After obtaining the Extreme X8, Marlene, facing the impacts of pandemic lockdowns, is now concentrating on making the most of getting out on the beach near her home.

“I am on the beach every day now,” she says. “I am about to move to a new home only 100 metres from the beach. This chair is vital for me to make the most of the full benefits of beachside living.”

“Living on the Gold Coast in Australia has never been better.”


Are you keen on rising to meet your own personal challenge? Would you like to trial the Extreme X8? Get in touch today!


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