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Powerchair Helps you Live an Adventurous Life


Adventuring in his V6 Frontier Magic Mobility powerchair

Gary Hayes’ story of his Frontier V6 All Terrain powerchair

I’m a veteran and I live in central Texas outside of Ft Hood. I have always been an outdoors kinda guy. I still am. My past hobbies were racing heavyweight super bikes on the road race circuit in Texas and Mexico. I’ve always liked hunting and camping.

Getting into the Frontier V6 All Terrain has been a life changing experience for me. The independence I have and versatility this chair gives me is amazing.

I can go off-road into the woods with confidence. I’ve used other mobility chairs, and had the option of going with any I wanted including a tank chair. I wanted one that was equally at home indoors, as well as out. I chose well in my opinion.

The Frontier V6 AT’s interchangeable wheels can take you from indoors to the great outdoors easily.

My powerchair’s got great range, power and versatility. This chair has met and exceeded my expectations in the four years I’ve owned it.

I take care of my equipment but I admit that I am hard on it. The Frontier V6 has never broken down on me or let me down. I’ve put many miles and hours on it, and it has always gotten me home. That is important. You must have confidence when you leave your home.

I go everywhere in my V6 powerchair. I love going where there are no sidewalks and I will blaze a trail of my own.

The mid-wheel V6 AT, with interchangeable wheels can take you from indoors into the great outdoors easily.

I have adventures every time I go out. I cut across fields, through the woods. Only one occasion I needed some support, when I got stuck pretty deep in a swamp in Georgia. Had to call the Fire Dept to come find me using the GPS on my phone. They couldn’t believe I got where I was.

If you have to use a wheelchair, it’s not the end of the world. My life isn’t much different really. Having the right equipment like the Frontier V6 certainly helps. I can still do most anything I want to do. It takes a bit longer, and maybe different means to get things done. There’s more than one way to skin a cat so to say.

One word to sum up my wheelchair? Awesome.

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