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Leisurely powerchair pursuits

Magic Mobility powerchairs allow users to enjoy recreational pursuits.

We love to hear from Magic Mobility users all around the world about all the different recreational activities they enjoy pursuing in their powerchairs.

Andy Arnette enjoys hunting and fishing in his Magic Mobility Extreme X8

Andy is never happier than out walking with his wife and dog on their local beach.

Like many of our North American users, Andy Arnette from North Carolina enjoys hunting and fishing in his Extreme X8. Now retired from his job as an IT professional, Andy still has plenty to keep him busy, often with his wife by his side.

“You can most likely find me in my hunting blind, on my dock with a fishing pole in hand, shredding the wake behind a ski boat, cruising the lake on my pontoon or just hanging with my dog. It sounds like a pretty good life, but much of it is only possible in an off-road 4×4″, Andy explains. “Getting on the beach, off the beaten path, into the woods, through fields, through snow and through muddy terrain”.

“I’ve hunted in all kinds of weather in places I would have never gotten to without my Magic Mobility powerchair!”

Becoming a quadriplegic following an accident more than 30 years ago, it took Andy 20 years before he got his first X8 in 2010. He recalls “It was an awesome feeling being able to run over the soft sand without getting stuck.  I got to “walk” along the beach hand in hand with my wife and my dog running beside us – priceless!”

Beau Cosgrove relies on his Magic Mobility V6 AT to keep up with his siblings

Beau goes everywhere and gets into everything with his brothers and sister, but his favourite is going to the rodeo.

For younger users, playing with friends and taking part in communal activities is a must. Beau Cosgrove from country New South Wales in Australia relies on his V6 AT to keep up with his siblings and get stuck into everything that’s going on. When he attended cowboy camp with his siblings, Beau had fun towing the lasso target behind his chair for others to practice on. Talking about how Beau’s chair enables him to enjoy doing the things he loves, his mum Samantha sums it up in these 3 words:

“Life changing, independence, inclusivity”.


Nicky Gooze lives and works on the South Coast of New South Wales with her husband, who is a keen surfer. While Nicky loves tending to her garden and citrus orchard, nothing makes her happier than heading out with the children to cruise the beaches and watch the surfers.

She waited a long time to get her Extreme X8, and recalls her first experience back out on a beach. “Wheeling off the boardwalk where I now live and onto the sand was so incredibly liberating and it made me feel alive and very happy”.

“The level of independence which I first experienced on that day has not left me.”

Nicky Gooze enjoys the beach thanks to her Magic Mobility powerchair

Nicky likes nothing better than heading to enjoy the sun, sand and surf in her Extreme X8.

Nicky takes every opportunity to get out and about with the local kids from her area. “I love children and I am very well known around Lake Conjola for always having a tribe of kids with me on my walks. Being able to go on adventures with the children has been wonderful because I wasn’t able to do that when my own kids were little.”

And the best thing about her X8? “I love everything about my chair, but I probably could not live without the bag carry hooks on the back. Although a simple addition, those hooks carry a bag that contains beach towels, buckets and spades for the children, money for their hot chips and ice creams, sometimes 6 pairs of kid’s thongs and shoes, hats, sunglasses and more”. Such fun!

Want to get out and do more with your spare time? Whatever pastime appeals to you, there is a Magic Mobility powerchair and accessories that can make it possible. Click here to find your local agent and check out our range, then ask how we can tailor a chair to suit your recreational needs.

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