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Powering your leg rests

Giving your legs a rest is one of the most crucial ways to stay comfortable in a powered wheelchair.

Magic Mobility offers several legrest options to make sure you get the kind of support your body needs and to help keep you as comfortable in your chair as possible.

Staying comfortable

When you need to release pressure, a powered leg rest can help with circulation issues and provide a superior level of comfort for many users. We’ve got two types of powered legrests – centre mounted power elevating and powered swingaway.

Centre Mounted Power Elevating Legrests self-extend when moving into the raised position, ensuring your knees are not pushed into a bend. Here are some more features of our new CMPE legrest:

Our new CMPE (Centre Mounted Power Elevating) legrest gives you all the relief you need.

Our new CMPE (Centre Mounted Power Elevating) legrest gives you the relief you need.

  • Footplates and calf pads that articulate as a unit to allow for superior support of the legs
  • Footplates and calf pads that are individually height and angle adjustable, and these adjustments can be made with the user seated in the chair
  • Footplates with inbuilt side and heel supports, as well as soft rubber footplate inserts which are easily removeable for cleaning
  • Thinner calf pads that allow the legrest to hug tighter to the base in the closed position. Combined with the compact flip up footplate, this offers the user the closest possible chair access distance with footplates closed
  • The new design also allows an extra 30mm of ground clearance compared with the previous design


You can learn more about our new CMPE by clicking here.


Our swingaway legrest comes in standard (manual) or power elevating options.

The Swingaway legrest gives you the freedom to move your legs out and away from the body of the chair.

Magic Mobility’s swingaway legrests are easily removable, making them ideal for transfers as they allow easier access to the front of the chair.

The swingaway legrests come in two different styles: standard (manual) or power elevating.

Combining either option with the power recline function gives you a great laid back position for the ultimate in wheelchair comfort, and is especially useful when long periods of time are being spent in the chair.

We can provide a solution that is suited to your specific needs. Ask your OT or our wheelchair specialists about the kind of legrest that will work best for you.


What kind of pressure relief do you need? We can help! Get in touch with one of our wheelchair specialists today.

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