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Pushing for the right powerchair

When Frontier V6 All Terrain (AT) user Timothy first applied for his powerchair via Medicare, he had a really hard time convincing his insurance company and Medicare that it was the right powerchair for him.

Timothy kept pushing, appealed decisions and worked hard to prove that the Frontier V6 AT would enable him to maintain his independence.

“My health, safety and wellbeing are tied to my Frontier V6 AT,” Timothy said. “If I didn’t have one, it would compromise all aspects of my life.”

As part of the process for receiving a new powerchair, Timothy worked with an ATP, OT and PT. He proved to them that the Frontier V6 AT would be the best option for his powerchair, despite their encouragement towards other less-suited wheelchairs.

“Matching chairs to disabilities does not work. Matching wheelchairs to people always works.”

He found his OT and PT very supportive, and they put together the documentation that showed why the Frontier V6 AT would help maintain Timothy’s independence and broaden his horizons outside his home.

Timothy describes himself as tenacious and determined. He found both of these traits important in finally receiving funding for his new powerchair.

Timothy says having the right powerchair is a game changer.

When it became clear that his insurer would not fund his new powerchair, Timothy contacted foundations that support people with spinal cord injuries. He received financial support to help offset the cost of his chair, and contributed the remaining amount himself.

“It’s worth every penny. It’s been a game changer.” Timothy says. “By adding the retractable docking pin I can drive in my powerchair. This means I can take it anywhere and then it takes me anywhere from there.

“The elevate function has allowed me to look people I love in the eye and give them a hug on their level. It seems so simple, but it’s so valuable.”

In his Frontier V6 AT, Timothy has been able to visit friends and do things he never thought possible. He recently visited someone who he’s been friends with for 36 years, who is an avid outdoorsman and gardener.

“For so many years I’ve heard stories of him working with his dogs in the woods and growing grapes for his winery. For the first time, I was able to go in the woods and see how he works with his dogs. I was able to sample the different grapes he uses to make wine.

“Being able to share that experience made us both feel like little kids at Christmas time.”

Timothy says that for his next chair, he’ll be fighting for a Frontier Urban C73, which can be funded through Medicare.

“I’ll never use another power wheelchair that’s not a Magic Mobility Frontier.”

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