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Putting Magic Mobility powerchairs to the test

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Magic Mobility powerchairs are known for helping active users to go further, explore more and live fully. Magic Mobility encourages people to put their powerchairs to the test, to experiment and see how robust they are.

Carl is a Melbourne-based user who knows the chairs well. Being an adventure seeker, Carl has always explored the suburbs of his hometown – whether that is at night, or alone, in completely new areas. He has always felt as if his Frontier V6 All Terrain powerchair “is going to keep up with what I want to do, and that’s a real freeing experience”.

“I do think I’m entitled to take some risks,” says Carl. “Humans need to take risks in order to be human, and if you’re living in a padded box you can’t really do that.”

Carl’s adventures mean that his Magic Mobility powerchair really needs to be up to the task. He needs to be able to climb gutters, take on all sorts of terrain and navigating varying sizes of spaces. He lives in his chair for 14 hours a day, and this means that it takes a beating.

“As a person with a pretty active social life, with friends, my girlfriend and my family, the best wheelchair is one I don’t have to think about,” he says. “That wheelchair is one that has all-terrain, go anywhere tyres, and that I don’t have to worry about it breaking down when I’m going out partying. I don’t have to worry about my chair running out of battery.”

Carl chooses Magic Mobility’s Frontier V6 All Terrain for a few reasons. Firstly, it’s a great powerchair for getting around indoors and outdoors. Secondly, he likes the robustness of the build and the reliability of the design. He knows that as busy professional, he needs to get to meetings on time. As a man with a rich social life, he needs to be able to make appointments with friends and family.

“Whether I’m in my room studying from home, or whether I’m going to meetings at new locations, I have confidence that my chair is going to keep up with me.

“As someone who sees themselves as pretty independent I want my wheelchair to be rugged,” Carl went on to explain. “Travelling can sometimes be a bit of an involved experience. I need my chair to be tough so it can survive the rigours of transport.”

Magic Mobility takes on board all of the comments our users make about our powerchairs. We want to explore their needs, and deliver solid and trustworthy chairs that our users can work, live and play in.

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