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Putting the Magic 360 through its paces

The knobby tyre is perfect for off-road

It’s one thing to tell you we have a new powerchair, it’s quite another thing to show you how it performs!

We take the Magic 360 to the hills and put the wheels to the test.

You get the freedom to choose your wheels for the challenges you face – but how do you know which one to use.

The Magic 360 is the world’s most versatile compact chair with off-road capacity. Tailored for the world you live in the Magic 360 lets you choose the life you want. With more than a decade worth of engineering, planning and design our latest family member is one you’ll come to love. We’ve put all of that together with three choices of easy-change wheels to suit where you want to go.

Our easy-change tyre and wheel selection is something we’re really proud of, and even if you’re not yet in a Magic 360 you can have a degree of similar flexibility with other powerchairs in our range.

There are three types of wheels available with the Magic 360. They are the Urban, the Crossover and the Off-road wheel.

Our Off-road wheels provide great comfort and traction. The small knobs on the tyres provide the grip you need on surfaces like mud and snow or wet surfaces like concrete and pavements. The width of tyre is important too, because by reducing the air pressure it gives you width and increased grip and means you can take on really challenging outdoor environments!

The Crossover is perfect to get you through everything you need to do in your day

When adding the Off-road wheels to your chair the base width is only 660mm (26”), making it the most compact off-roader.

The Crossovers are versatile and can take you from indoors to outside really easily. The narrow width of the tyre means you can make the most of the Magic 360 manoeuverability, but they are robust enough to tackle potholes and rough surfaces with great traction.

The Crossover wheels take your chair to only 635mm (25”) wide, making it a great all-round choice.

Sleek and stylish, the Urban wheel is a city dream

The Urban wheel is the narrowest wheel reducing the Magic 360 base width to only 610mm (24”). They are the perfect indoor choice but because you have the option of either pneumatic or solid tyres, you’ll never fear a puncture when travelling on rough city streets. You can choose from low-marking black or non-marking grey.





But how far can you really push them?

We set the challenge to our team – same chair, same hill, different wheel options. How did they fare?

If you are in Australia or New Zealand the new Magic 360 is ready to trial. Contact us today.


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