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How is the quality of your work-life?

Talking to Magic Mobility users who spend long hours at work in their powerchair reveals how important it is for a chair to be quality built and personalised to suit both your body and your lifestyle.

When you rely on a powerchair for work, so many little details can make a big difference to the quality of your work life.

Speaking on all the features her Magic 360 has that make a difference to the quality of her work life, Bev pointed out that her ability to tilt forward both enables her to tuck under her work desk easily, and also helps maintain a comfortable forward-leaning posture as she works.

Being more comfortable also means that, at the end of a long day Bev feels less tired.

Bev tilts her Magic Mobility chair forward to work comfortably at her job.

Bev tilts her chair forward to work comfortably at her packing job.

As a relatively short and narrow mid-wheel drive chair, Bev also appreciates her Magic 360’s excellent manoeuvrability and the way “it can turn on a 50c piece in really tight, small areas”.

She also loves the superior quality of her personally-fitted Magic Mobility seating, which has made a big difference to her all-day comfort, reducing the need to adjust her posture frequently to only once or twice day. And when she does need to adjust ”I tilt myself right back, then back to normal position, and then I’m comfortable”.

Magic Mobility's mid wheel drive V6 gives Jarrod stability and control on hills and rough roads.

Jarrod’s Frontier V6 MWD allows him to do his job as a photographer with ease. He is blown away by the stability and control of his chair, especially on hills and across rough terrains.

Jarrod is a Frontier V6 Hybrid user who relies on his powerchair to do his job as a professional photographer, which often takes him outdoors to shoot beautiful images of people and nature.

Talking about his decision to use an indoor-outdoor mid-wheel drive, Jarrod says “I wasn’t a fan of the six wheels, until I had them. It gives me so much stability and control. Sometimes when I go up or down a hill or maybe across rough roads I am blown away by how secure and in control I feel. Because of the centre of gravity, the grip of the tyres is second to none.”

“Even if the chair loses some grip in extreme conditions, I never feel in danger or that it’s going to tip over,” he says.

Jarrod also appreciates the chair’s superior range, reducing his reliance on taxis or buses to get where he needs to be. “A fresh pair of batteries and motors that run efficiently are important as I often drive more than 12km a day. My wife and I live in a place where there isn’t the best public transport and taxis are hard to come by, let alone the cost. It’s not unlikely that I decide to take my chair the 4-5 km home from the gym, rather than waiting 45 minutes for the bus”.

The superior quality and customisability of Magic Mobility powerchairs make them ideal for work, whatever job you need to do. Get in touch with your local agent to discuss your specific working needs and they can help to find the right solution for you and for your employer.

Click here to find your local agent and check out which Magic chair might best fit your work life.

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