Getting the most out of your compact powerchair


Ray rocks the right moves in his Frontier V6

Ray Jordan is well versed in navigating tight spots. A seasoned traveller, living between Australia and the USA, he knows how to get the most out of his Frontier V6 Compact 73. We chat to him about how he manages to twist and turn on a dime.

“I received my first Magic Mobility wheelchair in early 2015,” said Ray. “Before that, I had owned one power wheelchair and a couple of manual wheelchairs.

“The transition from my old powerchair to my new Magic Mobility Frontier V6 Compact 73 was a bit of a revelation.”

“It was what I imagine it would be like getting out of a Holden Kingswood into a M series BMW.”

“The Frontier is faster, more agile, handles better, looks better and has more features. Chalk and cheese really.”

Ray is known for taking on every challenge life throws at him, and he’s happy to embrace the unknown.

“It took a little while to learn to drive the Frontier, because it was so much faster and more agile. While you always want that little bit more speed, especially when running to catch a train or bus, the Frontier is about as fast as you can safely drive on many of the dodgy footpaths you encounter around town.”

The Frontier V6 C73 gave Ray something that he hadn’t had before – the freedom of choice and being able to navigate simple things others took for granted.

Travelling in a Frontier V6

“Using the elevate feature allows me to now reach things on higher shelves at home and in shops. The elevate feature also allows me to use some exercise equipment at the gym that was previously out of my range. Tilt and elevate functions are not only important, they are essential in ordinary day-to-day life. Tilt allows you to reposition or lay back and rest in order to relieve pain when it is not practical to transfer out of the chair.”

For Ray, his chair is an extension of who he is.

He expects his chair to be able to deliver all of the things he needs to be the person he is – helping him work, travel and explore. The Frontier V6 C73 doesn’t let him down – it’s flexible to go off-road, while also being nimble enough for the indoor challenges.

Want to see if the V6 Compact 73 is right for you? Drop us a note today to trial!

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