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Ready, set, go with these travel accessories

For those who love to travel, Magic Mobility offers a range of accessories to make your next travel adventure easier – like the fold-forward backrest that allows you to fit your chair in the back of an SUV or station wagon.


Fold-Forward Backrest
Great for travelling on smaller aircraft, fold-forward backrests reduce the height of a Magic 360, Frontier V6 or V4 down to approximately 24.5”/622mm, and an Extreme X8 down to 25.5”/64mm.

The fold-forward option comes with a quick-release removable backrest fitted to the fold-forward canes (may also require swing away armrests).

Removable Backrests
Even with fixed canes, a chair fitted with a removable backrest can fit into most standard SUVs, with a total height of around 33.5”/850mm once the backrest is removed.

Removable Joystick
Our removable joystick is the ideal size for storing on an aeroplane or inside a vehicle when travelling. This upgrade allows you to disconnect the joystick from the power source to keep this vital part of your chair safe during transit.

Luggage Racks
Available for the Extreme X8 and Frontier V6 and V4, rear-mounted luggage racks can hold up to 10kg of luggage, making independent travel much easier.

Check out the many other items designed to make life easier for travellers on our website.

For more information about our complete range of accessories and upgrades, find your local agent or distributor or contact us via our website.

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