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Reclaiming independence with the Frontier V6 AT

When Army veteran Josh was left permanently disabled with a spinal cord injury and permanent brain injury while serving in Iraq, he thought he would never be independent again.

Josh trialled a Magic Mobility Frontier V6 All Terrain (AT) at an Independence Fund Expo and was blown away by the comfort and immediate relief from his pain.

For years, being unable to get outdoors had a negative impact on Josh’s mental wellbeing. In addition to relieving his physical pain, the Frontier V6 AT also gave Josh the ability to get back outdoors, improving his mental health as well.

Being able to get back outdoors has greatly improved Josh’s mental wellbeing.

“In my Frontier V6 AT I can get out and enjoy the outdoors with my wife and two sons,” Josh said.

“It gives me a sense of independence and freedom.”

Josh says the key to his perfect powerchair is comfort and stability.

His favorite feature is the lift function, which he uses to see eye-to-eye with others in social situations.

“The lift function also provides more safety when reaching things in high places, or transferring to a higher seat.”

This function enables Josh to be less reliant on assistance around the house. He also enjoys the off-road capacity of his powerchair, which enables him to spend quality time with his sons.

Josh and his son walking on the beach together for the first time.

“I went on a family vacation and was able to go down the beach for the first time with my son,” Josh said.

Another one of Josh’s passions is music, having played the harmonica for most of his life. He participated in a SongwritingWithSoldiers retreat, writing a song “Still on the Ride” with Mary Gauthier. He says writing the song was another positive step for his mental health. Josh and Mary recently performed their song at the famous Grand Ole Opry.

Are you interested in trialling a Frontier V6 All Terrain powerchair? Contact our USA distributor, Innovation in Motion today to trail a Magic Mobility chair your area.

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