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Recognising our Magic Mobility veterans

This Veterans Day we salute our veterans who choose Magic Mobility powerchairs and thank them for their service. We wanted to take the opportunity to look back at some of our veteran community and hear from them and their Magic Mobility experiences.


Josh Geartz

We salute our veterans

Disabled as a result of a roadside bomb in Iraq, Josh Geartz today lives in North Tonawanda, NY. A keen lover of the outdoors and passionate about music, especially the harmonica, Josh has been known to organise events and activities to take care of returned veterans mental health.

Josh first sat in his Extreme X8 at an Independence Fund Expo and couldn’t believe the immediate impact it had on relieving his pain. The additional elements of support and comfort were matched by the feeling of stability and the essential of a lift. For Josh, nothing beats being at eye level with others.

Today Josh can get outside with his wife and take part in the care of his two sons, and he speaks highly of the “independence and freedom” his Magic Mobility chair gives him and that it makes him feel “ready for anything”.

He only wishes for two things – “a waterproof joystick and of course to go faster”.


Jillian Underriter

Jillian was stationed in Virginia Beach, a coastal city in southeastern Virginia, before her accident. Now using a Magic Mobility Extreme X8, Jillian reports that she still loves visiting the beach and the off-road capability of her powerchair.

“Going to VA Beach to spend time with friends is still a big event,” said Jillian. “Having the X8 allows me to go on the sand near the ocean”.




Andrew Liebig

Andrew hasn’t let his disability prevent him from doing the things he loves, now that he’s no longer serving. As soon as his Extreme X8 arrived, he was out and away.

“During my first afternoon with the X8, I was out exploring in the high country of Utah. From there we camped in Yellowstone National Park, Montana, and then back to the Seattle area,” said Andrew. “Then the adventure continued as we made the trip north through Canada back to Alaska.

“I truly enjoy having the capability to go off-road as well as indoors, although my wife wasn’t too pleased the first day I tracked mud in the house as I pulled through the front door!”


Check out what other veterans are doing in their chairs.



We support our veterans and love to hear stories of how they are adapting to a new set of challenges. Are you a veteran in a Magic Mobility chair? We’d love to hear from you.

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