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Recreational accessories

Powerchair accessories can be fitted to suit your desired recreational activities

Whether it’s a hook to hang your beach-bag or a holder for your fishing rod, there are lots of powerchair accessories that can be fitted to suit your desired recreational activities.

Magic Mobility Fishing Rod Holder

Our fishing rod holder accessory.

Fishing Rod Holder

A fishing rod holder is a great accessory for any fishing enthusiast. It provides an easy way to transport and stow your fishing rod whilst you’re waiting for the next big catch!

As the fishing rod holder is mounted on the side rails, it may not be compatible if your side rails are installed with accessory chargers, lights or other mounts.

Camera Mounts

Two types of standard camera mounts are available to those who enjoy photography:

  • Action camera holder – slotting into the armrest support, this simple, sturdy option can be double mounted with both camera holder and cup holder, if required. Gimbals at the base and top of the upright arm enable the camera to be manoeuvred easily into almost any position. This option is most suitable for cameras with a digital framing display.
  • Swing-away camera holder – this option is also fitted to a horizontal mount slotted under the armrest to which a bent, swing-away stem is attached via a quick-release lock and secured with a locking collar. The same gimballed upright camera holder is attached to the horizontal section of this arm. This option allows the camera be brought to eye level in front of the user, and to be moved out of the way when not in use.

You can check out the range of other RAM® mount accessories available here.

Magic Mobility sunshade accessory

Avoid the sun and say cool.


Do you like to spend your recreational time outdoors? Our handy sunshade provides a functional solution to help shield you from the sun on those hot summer days. Our sunshades are built from sturdy metal framework with a chrome or powdercoat finish.

Ideally fitted when you first get your chair, they can be retrofitted if required. Tailor-made options are also available.

Keep-safe swing-out storage box

Our swingout storage box for your powerchair.

Our swingout storage box.

The swing-out storage box is a great option for people whose pastimes require a secure storage option for things like fishing tackle, camera parts or other items. Mounted under the armrest and out of the way, this handy and secure box simply opens by pulling on the strap and swings back in to close, where it can be snibbed shut. Not compatible with all armrest options, you’ll need to check with your agent to confirm whether this can be retrofitted to your chair.

Check out more accessories online

Our website provides more details about these and other accessories that can make life easier and more comfortable. Click here to check out what’s available.

Customised accessories

Magic Mobility has designed and built countless mounts and other attachments and accessories to enable all sorts of activities for our users. Whatever you might need, just give us or your local agent a call to discover the possibilities!

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