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Richard manages his comfort and energy with Magic Mobility

Retired USA Veteran and IT worker Richard struggled to manage his Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) before he received his Frontier V6 All Terrain. Now the articulating suspension, comfort and capabilities of his Magic Mobility powerchair enable Richard to manage his condition, and have a life outside the four walls of his house.

Richard says the key to staying on top of his condition is managing his energy levels, which he’s able to do in his Frontier V6 AT. With his condition, even walking short distances can exhaust him so much that he might nearly collapse, or need to spend the following day in bed to recover. Beyond managing his energy levels, Richard now has the freedom to get outdoors and explore the world.

Before he became sick, Richard was an avid nature and wildlife photographer. When he became unwell, he rarely left the house, and couldn’t do any of the things that make him smile.

Richard’s requirements for a powerchair were simple: “All I really wanted was to get through a grocery store without collapsing,” he said. “My occupational therapist at the Department of Veteran’s Affairs gave me information on a range of devices, and I decided that Magic Mobility was the right decision.

“The Frontier V6 AT was clearly more comfortable, more capable, and built to last like nothing else!”

With his powerchair, he has the freedom to get back outdoors and into the things he loves. He now uses the local Metro to go into Seattle, tackling the undulating streets with ease.

One of Richard’s favourite features are the 14” knobby tyres which provide amazing traction. He says they also absorb a lot of the bumps of uneven roads, sidewalks and trails.

He uses the lift and tilt power option to stay comfortable throughout the day, relieving the aches and pains that come with staying in one position too long.

Richard is also impressed with the battery capacity. He tested its range on a paved multi-use trail, and went 16 miles at full speed. When he got back, he still had 30% battery left.

“I have yet to spend a day in my chair and even get close to feeling range anxiety,” he said.

“I can completely rely on my chair to get me where I want to go. It’s beyond reliable and tough as nuts.”

Do you want to go further and do more with a Frontier V6 AT like Richard? Click here to learn more and to arrange a trial in your area.

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