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Rising to the Challenge

Every year an organisation called Back-Up organises the Snowdon Push, a fundraising event where teams of 10 to 16 help people with spinal injuries make it to the top of Mount Snowdon in Wales. Back-Up uses those funds to find better ways to support spinally injured people when they need it most.

Ian completing the Snowden Push in his Magic Mobility Extreme X8

Ian and his team conquering Mount Snowdon. Ian and his ‘Tangerine Dream Machine’ took on the challenge to raise funds for MND research and Leeds Hospitals Charity.

If you’re interested in participating or making a donation, the next Snowdon Push will be happening in September.

Inspired by their success, the MND Association and Leeds Hospital Charity decided to run a similar event to help fund a new centre dedicated to the support of people and their families living with Motor Neurone Disease (MND).

Ian climbs Mount Snowden in his Extreme X8 powerchair

Only a few people have ever attempted the 8 mile climb to the top of Wales’ tallest mountain in a powerchair.

Ian Flatt, who was diagnosed with MND in 2019, decided to take on the challenge in his Magic Mobility Extreme X8.

As he explains, living with MND he and his family have “faced many mountains” and his goal was to do what he could to support “the extraordinary people who look after us, who were there at the beginning of our journey, and I know will be there at the end”.

Ian has now become one of only a few people who have made the climb in a powerchair. He kindly shared with us some amazing images of his 8-mile journey up Wales’ tallest mountain.

We’re sharing these with a nod to the others who have taken on the same challenge in their Extreme X8, to celebrate the spirit that drives us all to embrace positive challenges and hopefully inspire others to keep pushing to experience amazing new life adventures.

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