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Self-advocacy the key to getting the right powerchair

When Allen met with his therapist to get a new powerchair, he had his heart set on a brand new Magic Mobility Frontier V6 All Terrain (AT). His therapist had other ideas, encouraging him to choose a different chair.

Allen advocated for himself and his needs, eventually persuading his therapist that the Frontier V6 AT was better suited to his lifestyle.

“I received my Frontier V6 AT (in 2016) and it made me feel fantastic and free as a bird,” Allen said.

When Allen’s therapist tried to put him in a different powerchair, he refused to back down and proved why the Frontier V6 AT was the perfect chair for him.

“I said to my therapist ‘a wheelchair such as the Frontier V6 AT is an extension of myself’.” Allen says that the chair that his therapist recommended wouldn’t have had the outdoor capability he needed.

“Being in a wheelchair that doesn’t have the same capabilities as my Frontier V6 AT would have effectively broken my legs and certainly have broken my spirit”.

Allen is an urban explorer, who calls himself the ‘’city cowboy’’, is able to go further in his new powerchair.

Now when he goes to the beach, Allen can go on the sand and he can go on rougher walking tracks, instead of sticking to the footpath.

“In my Frontier V6 AT, I can travel long distances and I don’t have to rely on public transport.”

Allen also took his wheelchair for a holiday to Sydney as well as ice skating. These are things that he’s been unable to do before.
Watch Allen on the ice skating rink!

Allen’s new powerchair gives him the freedom to go where he likes without having to worry about rough terrain or the battery running out.

Self-advocacy can be integral to getting the assistive technology that you know is right for you. Allen recommends first identifying your own needs and goals, and researching which assistive technology will enable you to achieve these.

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