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Setting yourself outdoor challenges

John likes to set himself challenges outdoors, but even getting outdoors was a challenge before he received his Magic Mobility Frontier V6 All Terrain (AT). He’s a disabled veteran from Northern California, who just wanted to spend quality time with his family.

He needed a power wheelchair that would adapt to any environment and meet the challenges he set himself outdoors. John shares his adventures, and how his Frontier V6 AT has given him a whole new kind of freedom.

Before he received his Frontier V6 AT, John was very limited in the activities he could do. He couldn’t even run errands like going to the bank, because he wasn’t able to tackle everyday obstacles like kerbs or uneven footpaths.

John says he missed out on a lot of time with his family, because they would go outdoors on hikes and adventures that he wasn’t able to do.

“I often feel bad when I have to miss time with my kids because of my disability,” John says. “My new Frontier V6 AT has let me re-join my family. As soon as I received this chair, it was like a whole new kind of freedom was available.”

Now he’s able to spend more time with his family and doesn’t feel like he’s missing out on the adventures. He can run errands and go to the bank without having to worry about stretches of road where there are no footpaths or sidewalks.

“Recently my youngest son and I took a day hike on a narrow, very uneven dirt path in a local forest,” John says. “We spent the better part of the day under the redwood canopy, had lunch and just enjoyed our time together.

“The ability to get out and enjoy nature with my son is overwhelming. What I enjoy most is spending time with my family out in the woods and on trails through forests.”
Douglas shares the beauty of his natural environment in Northern California, now accessible thanks to his Frontier V6 AT

It was a long and arduous process for John to convince the Veteran’s administration that the Frontier V6 AT was the right powerchair for him. It took several years, and even included a review of his daily path to prove that the road conditions and obstacles warranted an outdoor, all terrain power wheelchair.

He finally proved that he needs the all terrain capabilities to traverse gravel, dirt, mud, sand and more. Now that he’s got his new powerchair, John isn’t missing out on any more family activities.

John’s favourite thing about his new powerchair is its off-road capabilities, and the way it adapts to any environment. He says the high torque motors, low pressure tires and casters mean he can go off-road.

“We’re planning a lot more family adventures in the future.”

Are you interested in finding a powerchair that meets your challenges? Contact us to find a dealer in your local area. If you’re in North America, contact Innovation in Motion to trial a Magic Mobility powerchair near you.

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