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Shifting focus with Chad

When Chad received his Frontier V6 All Terrain (AT) in 2016, he found that it completely changed the way he views the world.

His powerchair’s all-terrain capabilities meant that he no longer has to worry about curbs, thresholds and gravel; he can now focus on living his life instead.

Chad lives on acreage in Iowa, and is surrounded by hills, fields and gravel roads. For years, he had been unable to climb the hill in his backyard to enjoy the view.

“I decided to try and take the Frontier V6 AT up the hill, and I remember getting to the point where previous chairs had started spinning out. The V6 powered past without slipping a tire,” Chad says. “I felt like I had just climbed Mt Everest – not because of how steep the grade was, but the sheer feeling of accomplishment and being free to do what I want without assistance.”

Chad now regularly goes up the hill to enjoy the lookout and spot local wildlife including deer and turkey.

Although Chad works indoors, he enjoys being outdoors and was looking for a well-rounded power wheelchair.

“I was looking for one that could do everything other chairs could do, plus off road capabilities. I stumbled upon some YouTube videos of the Frontier V6 AT in action, and it blew me away,” Chad said.

“I found the perfect chair, finally!”

Chad was immediately impressed by how well-built the Magic Mobility models are. His most valued features are the single piece, steel frame and axels, and he loves the plush ride that the suspension gives. The fact that Magic Mobility offers a life time warranty on its frames was a bonus.

He’s also planning on upgrading his chair to get the retractable docking pin, which will enable him to easily and securely drive a car. The retractable docking pin is operated from the joystick, and retracts inside the frame of the wheelchair when not in use, so Chad’s clearance won’t be compromised when he goes off road.

Chad says his previous wheelchairs made him feel captive, and as though part of his freedom was stripped away. In his Frontier V6 AT, he’s been able to get back out independently, and enjoy more of his hobbies and spend time with his family.

Are you interested in trialling a Frontier V6 AT? Contact Innovation In Motion today.

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