Snow monsters! | Magic Mobility


Snow monsters!

Wild weather brings out the beast in some of us!

Have you thought about turning your powerchair into a snow plough? How about hiking mountain passes?

We looked at the ways our Magic Mobility family have handled the colder days and how their powerchair has helped them power through.

Magic Mobility's V6 AT powered wheelchair in the snow

Our Frontier V6 AT performs well even in the coldest of climates.

Magic Mobility's Extreme X8 powered wheelchair in the snow

The Magic Mobility Extreme X8 makes light work of the snow.

Turn your powerchair into a snow plough!

Some of our Magic Mobility users put their Extreme X8 to the ultimate test and turned their powerchair into a snow plough! Check out this practical way to clear your front step:

Hiking in the mountains

The Extreme X8 and Frontier V6 AT are perfect for hiking through the mountains – no matter how cold the weather may be!

Burnouts in the ‘burbs

Adam lives in the UK, and he wants you to know that “irrespective of me being in a wheelchair, I’m just like you!” Here are Adam and fellow Extreme X8 user Andy from the USA cranking it out on the snow.


Are you keen on getting the best Magic Mobility chair to deal with wild winter weather? Why not take a look at Magic Mobility’s off-road wheelchairs.

Then drop us a note to find out more!

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