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Specialty drive controls to give you more independence

At Magic Mobility, we understand that our users have different needs and abilities. So, our engineers have designed a range of specialty drive controls that provide you with the options you need to control your powerchair functions.

Our specialty drive controls include the head control and chin control units, which are both designed and manufactured exclusively by Magic Mobility, and the One Click Activator.

The head drive is a specially configured joystick, mounted behind the wheelchair user’s head. The joystick is connected to the headrest, and is directed by the user’s head movements.

The headrest can access all the chair’s power functions including directional navigation; left, right, forward, backwards. The harder it is pushed, the faster the chair drives. A simple switch enables the user to reverse the direction, from forwards to backwards and vice-versa.

This technology can be used to drive all Magic Mobility powerchairs with the R-net system.

Watch the video below to see the head drive in action:

Like the head drive, the chin drive is connected to a joystick, which gives the user greater proportional control.

The advantage of these drive controls is that the powerchair manoeuvres the same way as one with a conventionally mounted joystick.

The unit is fitted with two switches, a power on/off switch, and one to reverse the direction of the powerchair. The chin drive can also be flipped up or swiveled out of the way if necessary.

The One-Click Activator is the perfect solution for users who want to change their power functions on the go.

With one simple click, the activator enables you to directly operate up to five actuator-based functions. When combined with the CJSM2 joystick, there’s no need to stop your wheelchair to toggle through your functions.

The One-Click Activator can be mounted where you can easily access it. This includes underneath the joystick, on the opposite armrest or on the back of the chair if you require an attendant.

Watch this video to find out more about the One-Click Activator:

Magic Mobility is also able to customise head array units with proximity sensors to powerchairs when required. These enable users with limited head movement or control to direct their powerchairs independently.

Are you interested in fitting a specialty drive control to your Magic Mobility powerchair? Contact us to find out more.

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