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Summer Accessories

Pimp your powerchair with the top accessories of the season. Check out our hotlist of the top three upgrade tricks.

Find out what is top of our accessory charts this month. 

Accessory 1 – Make it Loud!

The louder horn was developed based on feedback from Magic Mobility users.

Now in tone with the joystick beeper, the loud horn can be easily accessed with a button on the joystick control panel. It can easily be retrofitted onto any Magic Mobility powerchair.

Find out how you can get it on your chair today!


Accessory 2 – Gone Fishing

Gone fishing! Our handy fishing rod holder.

Picture this: summer days stretched out before you. Listening to the water lapping at a lake’s edge. It’s perfect fishing weather.

Sounds good?

A fishing rod holder can be mounted off the side rails of our pwerchairs so that those who enjoy this beloved pasttime can transport their fishing rod on their Magic Mobility powerchair.

An easy way to transport and stow your fishing rod to add to your outdoor enjoyment.

Is it right for you? Learn more here.


The future’s bright – got to get a sunshade!

Accessory 3 – The future’s bright

Magic Mobility’s sunshades will protect you from the sun and harmful UV rays.  We recommend that you consider a sunshade at the time of your wheelchair fitting and purchase, however, it can be retrofitted to your existing wheelchair, if required.

Our sunshades are built from a sturdy metal framework with a chrome or powder-coat finish.

They include a high-quality black fabric shade and are manufactured in our factory in Melbourne, Australia. We also have the capability to fabricate and upholster tailor-made sunshades.

Ask our team for more information about how you can keep your cool or make your life that little bit easier this summer. Contact us today to discover more.



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