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Tackling the rough with the tough

Regional and rural locations can be the toughest environments, let alone if you’re living with a disability. You need the most robust powerchair to handle the challenge.

Keith takes on life’s challenges in his Magic Mobility Extreme X8

Where Keith lives in Michigan in the USA requires some form of mobility in order to complete the simplest of tasks. And when you’re as adventurous as he is, the need for a robust and well-engineered powerchair is an absolute must.

Keith is an outdoor man – he loves to hunt and fish. He also loves to explore the beach and shorelines of Michigan’s many lakes and waterways. But many of his chosen activities mean navigating rough terrain and simply put, other powerchairs just couldn’t handle the treatment.

Prior to receiving his Extreme X8, Keith could only travel on asphalt and sticking to the known pathways. As an adventurous man it was deeply infuriating. But with the arrival of the X8 came with the arrival of a “feeling of total freedom”.

Suddenly Keith could visit the places that brought visitors to his home state, and he too could take in the natural sights. Feeling reborn this spurred him to revisit old hobbies of fishing and hunting, something he hadn’t done “for decades”.

“People see me more, because I’m just out more,” he stated. “Simple as that”.

For Keith the freedom is in “not having to research a venue to see if there are limits or obstacles that I need to be aware of. I’m here, let’s just deal with it!”

Keith gets offroad regularly with his Magic Mobility Extreme X8

Getting hold of an Extreme X8 took dedication on Keith’s part, and the team at Magic Mobility in Australia focused on advising him of the best way to get his hands on one. The fifteen-hour time difference was no obstacle as the Australian team was more than happy to assist the Michigan local.

“Magic Mobility directed me to Innovation in Motion and then to my local rep, and we went from there,” he said. “It was such a relief to hear the words, ‘let’s try’. Within a matter of weeks we had an affirmative answer and off we went.

“I was so ecstatic!”

Magic Mobility can help you get into the powerchair of your dreams. With robust Australian design that you can trust, and manufacturing that can withstand whatever you can throw at it.

Contact us today and we can put you in touch with your local agent or rep who can discuss your individual needs.



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