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Tailoring a powerchair to your needs

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Everyone’s lives and disabilities are different. At Magic Mobility, we know that it’s the tailoring of our powerchairs that can make all the difference to those who use them. That’s why we spend time investigating solutions that meet the needs of our users. Over time we can sometimes find that those solutions can apply to a much wider range of needs. From a tailored solution, we can develop innovation for all.

As a result of listening and working closely with users, we’ve designed a range of powerchairs and accessories that are specifically engineered to make life easier, especially when it comes to travelling. Designs include the retractable docking pin, which allows your powerchair to be easily secured inside a car for driving, the fold forward backrest which can reduce the height of your wheelchair so it can fit safely in the back of a wagon, SUV or in a plane’s cargo hold. And our quick release joystick enables this expensive and fragile equipment to be removed before travel and be kept safely with you at all times.

But our tailored solutions also extend to helping deliver on user’s more creative needs as well as their practical ones.

One of our users, Niamh, believes it is important to “contribute fully as an engaged and productive member of the community.”

“Before I got a wheelchair that was equipped with the right kind of technology, I did not have the independence I wanted,” Niamh says. For Niamh, the right kind of technology was a camera mount on her wheelchair.

Niamh Magic Mobility Camera Mount 2“The good people at Magic Mobility very kindly made me a camera mount that I can attach to my wheelchair. I’m a creative person and photography is just a natural progression. I love getting out and taking advantage of my environment by trying to turn it into beautiful art.

“I can point my camera in any direction and with the added bonus of an adjustable screen and remote clicker I can take my pictures completely independently.”

For Niamh the right kind of modification for wheelchair technology that maximises her mobility is “a basic human right, not an unjustified luxury.”

Modification and tailoring of our powerchairs is something we pride ourselves on. Being based in Australia, with a nation-wide network of powerchair agents in metro and rural locations, we can solve the problems of our Australian users quickly and efficiently. There are limited downtimes and the service is personalised. It’s the best way to deliver effective changes for users.

“I have been able to achieve a lot more by having access to the right wheelchair technology,” says Niamh. “As technologies evolve, and my access to them becomes easier, my happiness grows and my quality of life only improves.”

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